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Nostradamus C9 Q81: Code for Western Europe relies on Irish runic alphabet.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has a coding theme as indicated by the text's ciphers suh as strange number, understand, three sides and translator. This is amplified by the anagrams whwhich includes imprudent (emprin du t), ill diviner (ill -ir Viend), dreams angel rest (eſtr- ange l - armes d), reinsert (rtiers en), codes (s de co). But there are also terms such as subschemes (s embuſches), Messias (emis aſſ) and learned (endra Le) that indicate the purpose of the code. Other anagrams link the verse to medical treatment which is likely the means of inducing false dreams.

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

your role ensure ardent Seas subschemes
Le Roy ruse entendra ſes embuſches

Asias ill men tried destroy Messias quasi arteries entries
De trois quartiers ennemis aſſaillir

nouns barometers generates angel dreams code woke clue hunc[h]es
Vn nombre eſtrange larmes de coqueluches

ill diviner imprudent art educt true failure
Viendra Lemprin du traducteur faillir.

#Messia: Jewish name for their saviour.
The crafty King will understand his snares,
Enemies to assail from three sides
A strange number tears from hoods,
The grandeur of the translator will come to fail.
Le Roy ruse entendra ſes embuſches
De trois quartiers ennemis aſſaillir
Vn nombre eſtrange larmes de coqueluches
Viendra Lemprin du traducteur faillir.
L1: <your ardentness bemuses><subscheme roles ensure reads entry> dearness embus hercles redseas sadr ensue reuse yours chessel endears

L2: <quasi entries><drill asias mines><dire riots><assails men> arseniuret messias amiss quarts reinsert etruria rennes arteries ill aims missa iames meissa retires isil

L3: <dreams generates><barometers angle> codes nearest argental screamed reagents mob easter realms eber teresa galena steer

L4: <imprudent invader><ill diviner><prime failure>ireland futauerc urfa filial virile filature furcate learned ivri(jewish people) aldermen duct
1: ardentness, assails, bemuses, drill,
2: imprudent, filature,
3: barometers, subscheme, futauerc, screamed, furcate, quarts,
4: virile, flair, ivri,
5: anglaterres, messias, bemuse, embues,
6: aldermen, diviner, diriven, reinsert, chessel, failure, hercles, lechers,
7: intenser,
8: arseniuret, quasi,
9: emeralds, etruria, yours, ember,
10: dearness, such,
11: arteries, retries, retires,
12: embus,
13: rennes,
14: -
15: storied, assail, quatr,
16: sorely, amiss, missa,
17: argental,
18: messia, meissa,
19: -
20: strangle, generates, teenagers, chesel, dreams, asias,
21: educt,
22: redseas, coq,
23: relose, tired, tried.

Key Ideas:

ardentness, assails, bemuses, drill, imprudent, filature,barometers, subscheme, futauerc, screamed, furcate, quarts,virile, flair, ivri, Messias, bemuse, embues, aldermen, diviner,  reinsert, Chessel, failure, lechers, intenser, arseniuret, quasi, emeralds, Etruria, yours, ember, dearness, such, arteries, retries, embus, Rennes, storied, assail, sorely, amiss, argental, strangle, generates, Asias, educt, Redseas.


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