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Nostradamus C9 Q84: Late in the 21stC the atom bombs terrors again r


 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 84 This verse has theme setting anagrams for Eumenides, maiden embryo, son origin ┼┐and Moira, metal-bomb and atom. Eumenides identifies the Greek Furies while Moira is the name for the three Roman Fates.  The text's reference to the Gorgon's blood links this to C9 Q84 where there is a reference to the Medusine device. Medusa and Gorgon suggest the Furies is the relevant allusion for these verses.

In them Nostradamus' dream taps into the fears held by a 21stC maiden of Southern France trapped in a monastery surrounded by floodwaters (See story of cloned twins for more). The text tells how he sees the invader come looking for the answer to his cloned lineage and with this woman ensures its continuance.


In the anagrams the parts that establish the validity of the story line are Eumenides (ne Meduſie), maiden (main d'e), embryo (Roy mbe), son origin (ſon - origin) and Moira (Romai). Eumenides is the name given to the Furies when unwilling to say their proper name while Moira is the name for the three Roman Fates. There are anagrams for metal-bomb (mb la tomb) and l' atom-bomb (omb la tomb) in the last line which tells us what the menace is from the torrent in the third line of text.


Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:


1. Spear of Thecla expose afar atom, a fair act to heal apes tomb embryo
2. Apine sauior uurote repairing origin arouse Orions son
3. L' atom-bomb plot uuorried touun report metal-bomb bearer
4. Eumenides seeing maiden domain ends in vngrand radon engines men used
The King exposed  completes the slaughter,
After having discovered his origin
Torrent to open tomb of marble and lead,
Of a great Roman with Medusine device.
Roy expose parfaira l'hecatombe
Apres auoir trouue ſon origine
Torrent ouurir de marbre et plomb la tombe
D'vn grand Romain d'ensiegne Meduſine.
L1: <spearof heraclia><popes tomb><atom expose><each robe><expose each embryo to><hale fair> friar combat bromate appose mob obeyer epoxy afar aesop operas cato cheat thecla rachael alcathoe

L2: <soon uurote repairing ursae (t)rio><usa riot><touuer soon> uuoes onerous touuers nigeria uuorse origin orion orions sauior rapine

L3: <tuuo married><l'atombomb plot bearer><uuar on terror>bram touun uuorried robert mob admirer brontometer(thunder gauge) reportable uuordier barer lamb metalbomb peter dream bet eber drier embarred torrent latombomb

L4: <domain seeing euMenideS enD><radon maiden engines><Radon main seeding D'vine Men uSed><main rod><denies vending>ramondines(of toulouse) raimond domain  seeming indigenes mannoside (glycoside of mannose) random aim moira amino dianne normandie ensign
1: l'atom-bomb  metal-bomb, Eumenides, Nigeria, epoxy,
2: reportable, repairing, embarred, embryo, origin, obeyer,
3: brontometer, ramondines, normandie, married, admirer, orions, robert,
4: heraclia, uuordier, uuorried, onerous,
5: seeming, thecla, appose, expose, Dianne, Orion, friar,
6: -
7: spearof,
8: bromate, domain, popes,
9: oiseau, aesop, cato,
10: raimond, outrun, touun,
11: plot,
12: engines, bearer, bram,
13: drier, direr,
14: reaping, admire,
15: sauior, lamb, aria,
16: -
17: combat, torrent, soon,
18: giro, pox,
19: atomb, atomb, ensign,
20: maiden, amber, uuoes,
21: tuuo,
22: random, rachel, cheat, teach, atom, atom,
23: -

Key Ideas:

l'AtomBomb, MetalBomb, brontometer, reportable, Ramondines, Eumenides, repairing, Normandie, embarred, Nigeria, embryo, worried, origin, married, obeyer, Orions, bromate, seeming, onerous, SpearOf, Thecla, domain, expose, Dianne, combat, engines, Popes, lamb, reaping, worse, torrent.


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