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Nostradamus C9 Q87: The d'Estrees lineage re-emerges under a nom de plume in 22ndC.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse holds the key to unravelling one of Nostradamus ciphers. It tells the pseudonym used for the holiest of mounts and reveals the repeated lettering that signals its presence. The text holds one of the titles held by Gabrielle d'Estrees and mentions a forest and temple both of which are found as frequent threads in the story of the French Royal family line  in our time. The key of nom-de-plume is found as a unique anagram in the last line.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

stored two phones resonates stars reasons flora of forest repeat separate seasons
Par la foreſt du Touphon eſſartee

pamphleteer ageist presage eras poles meet
Par hermitaige ſera poſe le temple

deduces d'Estampes map educates papers Ursae weariness entwines in tune
Le duc d'Eſtampes par ſa ruſe inuentee

mounted holier module prior tale adorn nom-de-plume exemplar 
Du mont Lehori prelat donra exemple
In the forest of Touphon dug up,
By the hermitage will be placed the temple:
The Duke of Etampes through the ruse he invented
Will teach a lesson to the prelate of Mont Lehori
Par la foreſt du Touphon eſſartee
Par hermitaige ſera poſe le temple
Le duc d'Eſtampes par ſa ruſe inuentee
Du mont Lehori prelat donra exemple

L1: <~Tuuo phoneS (sounds) Stored alfare P Star~><~flora ruSted out SeParate phoneS ~><Tuuo deflatorS><afore duSt rePeal treaSonS><eaSterS phone><phoneS rePeatS aStrofel>reSonateS detourS

L2:<~preSage Pamphleteer loSe airtime~><~i loSe Pamphleteer a preSage merit / timer><operaS gaities reharm>

L3: <papers maSt uuarineSS dEduce el en tee><deduce inuent urSa Sparse Stamp> <uneLected uuarineSS StampEdes> <aSSure inuent papers SEcLuded map ><deduce Stamp entuuineS eeL>

L4: <riper hoLe example / exemplar mounteD><hoLier mount><nom-De-plume reaxon><adorn at peril> <reaxon hoLier not pummeleD>

1: pamphleteer, nom-de-plume, reaxon (x=s), stampedes, uueariness, unelected, entuuines, secluded, menthol, gaities, phones,
2: pummeled, uuariness, exemplar, Thermai, example, reharm,
3: deflators, suuine, stamp,
4: separates, separate, plumed, module, holier, deduce,
5: resonates, 
6: mounted, ageist, prior,
7: delete, shone,
8: pampers, airtime, Raphel,
9: Aesop,
10: Astrofel, Arras,
11: presage,
12: Apeps, trim,
13: molten, ennui, opera,
14: detours, hone,
15: stars, hole,
16: mount,
17: Aegis,
18: mates, teams, dust,
19: treasons, reaon,
20: reasons, mound, flora, harp, mast,
21: tuuo,
22: forest / softer, foal,

pamphleteer, nom-de-plume, reason, stampedes, weariness, unelected, entwines, secluded, menthol, gaities, phones, pummeled, wariness, exemplar, Thermai, example, reharm, deflators, swine, stamp, separates, separate, plumed, module, holier, deduce, resonates, mounted, ageist, prior,: delete, shone, pampers, airtime, Raphel, Aesop, Astrofel, Arras, presage, Apeps, trim, molten, ennui, opera, detours, hone, stars, hole, mount, Aegis, teams, dust, treasons, reasons, mound, flora, harp, mast, two, softer, foal.


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