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Nostradamus C9 Q88: Modern mankind's matreatment of Earth's resources recognised as bad science.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Jan 2023

ModernCauses and OriginsQuote from Cesar 1555 Preface from PCE4 on Causes and Origins of things mentioned in Nostradamus PropheciesVerses C9 Q88 and C7 Q12 earn their place in this series on Causes and Origins because their themes fit neatly into that presented in the quote alongside and the other eight verses. 

Of particular note in this verse  are the the allusions to the Earths resource base and its text holding a reference to route deterred in its last line while the paired verse presents a similar concept via an anagram.

Reversing that role of anagram and text this verse has adjacent anagrams in its second line for expiates blame (e Paix et ſ_embla) while the second line of text in C7 Q12 talks of assembling the pardoned before the Gods.

In addition the naming of the Gods in the manner shown above matches the key ciphers appearing throughout this series. The topic of the quote is grounded in origins of knowledge and that focal point  brings together ciphers for imortals, divines, deities, guides as well as that of science.

This current verse's theme lies in the impact of science, a human based knowledge framework on the well being of our kind and our planet.

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 9 Quatrain 88 Origins Treacherous Heat Source Dead Souls Predescend Tsunami LaborsMany of Nostradamus' Prophecies talk of events that are of our time not those of the sixteenth century. This verse is one of them as shown by the anagrams. It is about the hunt for clean energy sources amidst turbulent times. It also contains a commentary on the nature of the human soul in the last two lines and in particular the empty nature of humanity where humans cower in fear.

Calais, Arras, help to Therouanne,
Peace and semblance the spy will simulate:
The soldiery of Savoy to descend by Roanne,
People who would end the rout deterred.
Calais Arras ſecours a Theroanne
Paix et ſemblant ſimulera leſcoutte
Soulde d'Alabrox deſcendre par Roane
Deſtornay peuple qui deffera la routte.
  1. <Asia as anoTher Clean Source><heaT Sources><earThs Source><auThors careSs><our hero sTar careSs>Treacherous ouTreaches
  2. <tSunami real cloSe><Simulant blame exiSt><neutralIsm exPiates blame><exPiate oSculate neutraliSm><meetS Sublimant>oracleS
  3. <deAd Soul laborx deScend><borax Alluded predeScend> ReaOn Adorable
  4. <any aDulterator Store><rafael /aflare touted treaSon touted><tout reSonated><equal-differ>
1: adulterator, earthsource, treacherous, sublimant, neutralism, heatsource, outreaches, predescend, adorable, expiates, alluded, laborx,
2: equaldiffer, authors, addable, borax,
3: semblant,
4: simulant, osculate, tsunami, nodules, another, expiate, Alderab, descend, exits, exist,
5: blames, labor,
6: resonated, Miletus, misrule, allure, laded,
7: raffle,
8: -
9: haste / heats,
10: elquid, touted, Earths / hearts, Arras,
11: other, arias,
12: notary, detest / tested, Cenan,
13: oracles, exit, 
14: Islum, cases,
15: solace, lamb,
16: scout,
17: Latins,
18: Sirra,
19: aflare / Rafael, blame,
20: sources,
21: alias,
22: quid.
23: -

adulterator, earth source, treacherous, sublimant, neutralism, heatsource, outreaches, predescend, adorable, expiates, alluded, labors, authors, addable, borax, semblant, simulant, osculate, tsunami, nodules, another, expiate, Alderab, descend, exits, exist, blames, resonated, Miletus, misrule, allure, laded, raffle, haste, elquid, touted, hearts, Arras, other, arias, notary, tested, Cenan, oracles, exit, Islum, cases, solace, lamb, scout, Latins, Sirra, Rafael, blame, sources, alias, quid.

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