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Nostradamus C9 Q89: The attempt to regenerate Christ from ancient DNA.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C9 Q89 The birth of a son to a Mid Easten mayoress is problematic because it involves disease causing conception events that annoy Abderas's arab leaders.Nostradamus uses this verse as a means of introducing the idea of a Jesus-like birth in the modern era.


This concept lies behind the havoc wreaked by a sect as detailed in other parts of Nostradamus story but even in this verse there are reasons to believe Nostradamus didn't see Jesus' birth being different to that of any human.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Sephira flip tune for props separateness portunes phial profit  aptness 
2. Arabs basis raises Abderas traffic baser Arab reafflicts
3. My pride explore Boreas affair Isus Son uprise
4. Jesu son reason Juste annoy mayoress for gennos by nosogeny
#Nosogeny (pathogenesis): the development of morbid conditions or of disease; more specifically the cellular events and reactions and other pathologic mechanisms occurring in the development of disease.
For seven years fortune will favor Philip,
He again beats down the exertions of the Arabs
Then at his noon perplexing contrary affair,
Young Ognyon will destroy his stronghold.
Sept ans ſera Philip fortune proſpere
Rabaiſſera des Arabes l'effaict
Puiſſon mydi perplex rebors affaire
Jeuſne ognyon abyſmera ſon fort.

Anagram Sequences in French Text. (~ means full line coverage)

  1. <SePhira (divine will) aptneSs portuneS><So peer prune profit> <repeatS Seraphins [angelic] proSe><or Seer tune propS flip Phial aptneSs><perSon peerS aptneSs>
  2. <aRab raiSeS baser life-facts><Re-afflicts bear><Arab redSea tRaffic a baSiS>
  3. <ePiruS / uPriSe boxer / rebox affairs rippled my Son>
  4. <annoy by><reaSon for Jet use><gennoS [beget]><nosogeny [pathogenesis] ban><JeSu front><neogony [Regeneration of biological tissue] for Son era JuneS abysm> JeSu-forsent be-marYs Son neogony>

1: afflicters, life-facts, nosogeny, rippled, affairs, profit, boxer, flip,
2: separateness, affricate, sepharins, fornames, traffic, bynames, Dipper, jute,
3: philip, perplex, affair, son-of,
4: Epperson, sephira, abysm, phial, mynd, Junes,
5: harelip, phrases, seraphs, Boreas, props,
6: mayoress, annoy, Arabs, Aseda,
7: fortune, seraph, Juste,
8: jet,
9: -
10: robes,
11: gennos, peeress, piper,
12: portunes, orbs/ robs,
13: -
14: uprises, raffi, basis, prune,
15: aptness, bay,
16: respans,
17: -
18: portune,
19: Jesu,
20: harp, feels / flees,
21: hip,
22: redseas, pride,
23: -

nosogeny, neogeny, separateness, affricate, Seraphins, rippled, fornames, traffic, affairs, by-names, profit, Philip, Epperson, perplex, mayoress, Sehira, dipper, rebox, phrases, portunes, fortune, abysym, phial, Boreas, annoy, gennos, uprises,Arabs, aptness, robes, basis, Aseda, robs, Redseas, pride.

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