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Nostradamus C9 Q93: Dynamite is used to create a landslip filled with forest debris.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C9 Q93 Four men in a consortia use a DNA scheduler to restore a long misfortunned gennosThe text of this verse confirms the elements presented in the anagrams of the preceding verse. It also confirms that this is the same leader as in other verses in this section. The anagrams suggest that the cultures of the enemy and invader have different ideas on the value of human life and diametrically opposed views on the Spirit of God (Theomani).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Four men leszen long misfortuned gennoz bit
2. Consortia obtains anthropic tables basepoint
3. Sumer ogres suborder pleasures rouges gennoz rule
4. Mathonique DNA scheduler battles athermal rebuttals
The enemies very far from the fort,
The bastion brought by wagons
Above the walls of Bourges crumbled,
When Hercules the Macedonian will strike.
Les ennemis du fort bien eſlongnez
Par chariots conduict le baſtion
Par ſur les murs de Bourges eſgrongnez
Quand Hercules battra l'Haemathion.
L1: <bit four long seen><mines leszen> nelson four tiber misfortuned orbit bite

L2: <anthropic tables a riot ion battles>< tables><induct no bestial scot><discountable cost><a basepoint>subdialect obtains anaphoric(lang. relation) conduits consortia atropins botanies citable entoblastic tablets obeisant bastile bestia bestial belt a a be

L3: <rules sum suborder><rogue submersed><rulers urge><no egress> sumer penaz brogues rosebud surreal doube bourges sumers ogres engross

L4: <math equation><athermal ion><cruel beast>startable scheduler starbelt unheard base battles amalthea emathion drench haematal haematoin rebuttals securable tablets theomania hercules beats batters lurched tables iohn qanun(med txt) hand relaunched tatar
1: discountable, entoblastic, misfortuned, anaphoric, basepoint, rebuttals, startable, submersed, amalthea, haematal, athermal, starbelt,
2: anthropics, subdialect, anthropic, haematoin, theomania, securable, botanies, obeisant, suborder, chariot, battles, battles, tablets, tablets, unheard,
3: relaunched, consortia, discount, conduits, emathion, drench, usable, orbit, leszen, penza, penaz,
4: scheduler, brogues, bourges, rosebud, batters, qanun,
5: atropins, obtains, lurched, citable, bastile, bestial, sparez, mahe,
6: bestia, rurals, mathe,
7: math,
8: ductile, points, iohn,
9: hercules, brogue, sumers, bodes, hand,
10: egress,
11: harden, artoi, ratio, gores, ogres,
12: stable, tables, stable, tables, nelson, parch,
13: induct, surreal,
14: -
15: burgo, doube,
16: -
17: -
18: rulers, table,
19: tiber, tribe,
20: blues,
21: belt,
22: chair, beast, beast, beats, beats, herd,
23: apron, apez,

anthropic, subdialect, discountable, entoblastic, basepoint, misfortuned, theomanis, rebuttals, consortia, relaunched, submersed, StarTable, athermal, conduits, botanies, scheduler, suborder, securable, obtains, unherad, aptropins, Hercules, bestial, rosebud, drench.

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