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Nostradamus C9 Q94: Details of participants in 22ndC clone-war battles.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse sets out details of those involved in the Clone war battles of the 22nd C.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

legal overintenseness inventors sense mens blennemesis (vomitting mucus) of bile
Foibles galleres seront vnies enſemble

impermanent famines lux fortunes  pulse
Ennemis faux le plus fort en rampart

fallible fable Asias ill lies as evils Australie meter resublimate
Faible aſſaillies Vratiſlaue tremble

Quebec brutal sy[s]tem nonresident baton Arab raper
Lubecq et Myſne tiendront barbare part
Weak galleys will be joined together,
False enemies the strongest on the rampart
Weak ones assailed Bratislava trembles,
Lubeck and Meissen will take the barbarian side.
Foibles galleres seront vnies enſemble
Ennemis faux le plus fort en rampart
Faible aſſaillies Vratiſlaue tremble
Lubecq et Myſne tiendront barbare part
L1: <inventor sense><obliges all><of seers ensembles>essene albegois(heresy) foibles resell inventors overintenseness legal blennemesis lesser iob gall sellers invest befoil overtness

L2: <impermanent fortunes><ten men ramp><famines xpulse> parament rampart map eminent lx softer xl pellus

L3: <aliases vaster ill><silver sails><resublimate ill varies><asias fallible><true travails>< evils assail>australie australite(meteroidss) lilies flabile istar blaies list albi aliases altais trails fable blaise villiers alef isabel luisa starve

L4: <reputable arab><brutal rape><met syenite(granite)><destines part barton bear> quebec pubertal nonresident barba barb beartrap my barer oriented blue cube brabant intense
1: overintenseness, impermanent, resublimate, australite, travails, villiers, parament, obliges, syenite,
2: nonresident, reputable, albegois, permanent, pubertal, beartrap, brabant, flabile, brutal, quebec, altais,
3: fortunes, cube,
4: blennemesis, australie, rampart, eminent, femble, femble, livers, silver,
5: foibles, fable,
6: inventor, famines, befoil, blaise, blaies, lilies, isabel, sellers,
7: inventors, invents, barton, varies, bluet,
8: ensembles, invent, vars,
9: ensemble, gall,
10: trials, trails, essene, mty,
11: aliases,
12: averts, vaster, starve, luisa,
13: oriented, interned, tamper,
14: -
15: assail, legal, boil, lags,
16: intense, bali, albi,
17: invest, parma,
18: forsent,
19: pellus, errant, gales,
20: asias,
21: salute, resell, seller, list,
22: forest, softer,
23: floe,

impermanent, overintenseness, resublimate, nonresident, australite, blennemesis, Quebec, travails, Villiers, reputable, Albegois, obliges, Australie, syenite, inventors, fortunes, ensembles, Essene, brutal, foibles, eminent, silver, sellers, tamper, Asia, legal, trials.

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