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Nostradamus C9 Q96: Cloning era sees Dinosaurs reappear in the centre of Russia at the same time as Jesus and other human clones are created.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has a strong connection to C3 Q62 via its inclusion of anagrams that say dinosaurs center reappear (c entre -ra par pe - rſuaſion D) in Russia ( rſuaſi). The theme of dinosaurs is part of the bigger picture showing man's affect on the path of this planet's evolution.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

indiscete citadens enter tercentenaries destiny reexcited
Dans cite entrer excercit deſniee

Russia papers continued center recent dinosaurs reappears unnoticed
Duc entrera par perſuaſion

USA of pos[s]ible petrols scleratoma calmest arm  name
Aux foibles portes clam armee amenee

fusion fume effusing monies fortune tumor often torment Nostredamu[s]
Mettront feu mort de ſang effuſion
# Teutonism: a germanic view of the way to react to the world.
scleromata: bacterial disease of the nose usually in the nasal passages.
Aeneid: ancient story linking the Romans to the Trojan myths.

The army denied entry to the city,
The Duke will enter through persuasion
The army led secretly to the weak gates,
They will put it to fire and sword, effusion of blood
Dans cite entrer excercit deſniee
Duc entrera par perſuaſion
Aux foibles portes clam armee amenee
Mettront feu mort de ſang effuſion
L1: <tercentenaries Denies><Distance / citaDens indicteeS reenter><indiScrete Distance / citaDens enter><Denies direct / credit excreter><deStine citaDens><trice denies it reenter xc Decans / ascenD><insect enter rex><reticent Danes denieS it><recited aeneiDS entices>

L2: <~pape underreact on ruSSia~><~rape unDo ruSSia carpenter~><appear ruSSia undo recent / centre><aSSure unnoticeD><RuSSia center paper unDo><oDins rapa centre uprearS><DinoSaurS reappear>upraiSeS

L3: <calmest arm boil spore><biles of uxA port><scale bi arm of uxA petrols><sect name alarm me> <uxA scleromata posfible><ropes arm castle><befoil uxA ports><sector alarm me>

L4: <roaSted fume effusing torMent><~torMent moue front effusing dateS><teutoniSM noStredam fortune><Sufi often torMent noStredamu><agen fortune Stormed><often Sufi tumor torMent daneS>rotten MonieS MoiSten
1: calmest, indictees, underreact, indiscrete, dinosaur(u)s, excreter,
2: Nostredamu, tercentenaries, continued, unnoticed, Teutonism, effusing, scleromata, reappear,
3: uproariness, carpenter, reticent, discrete, directs / credits,
4: Russia,
5: arsenious, foibles, stormed, Adonis, fox,
6: befoil, fusion, partner, Aeneid,
7: Dantsic, fortune, roasted,
8: -
9: Nostredam, upraises, moisten,
10: Odins, Foix,
11: direct / credit, calm, fume,
12: -
13: citadens / distance, petrols, edicts, often,
14: destine, monies, castle, tumor,
15: torment, boil, Sufi,
16: ascend / dances / decans,
17: -
18: uprears,
19: errant, celts,
20: sector,
21: centre / center / recent,
22: encites / entices,
23: Simon.

calmest, indictees, underreact, indiscrete, dinosaurs, excreter, Nostredamus, tercentenaries, continued, unnoticed, Teutonism, effusing, uproariness, reticent, carpenter, reappear, directs, Russia, arsenious, fusion, befoil, Adonis, partner, Dantsic, roasted, upraises, fortune, moisten, Odins, calm, petrols, fume, Sufi, citadens, edicts, often, destine, monies, castle, scleromata, tumor, torment, boil, ascend.

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