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Nostradamus C9 Q97: Asteroid DNA residues trigger ocean borne viruses.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

After a plague arises from DNA residues from asteroids that fall into the ocean a massive world upheaval shakes the roots of mankind. It is this that allows the opportunistic leader from Macedonia to invade France by sailing inland past Marseille.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

seeds propensities redeems prime-code entries potencies seen Troys Taurids portraits divi[d]es
De mer copies en trois parts diuiſees

alas enclosed encodes oriental lives failures
A la ſeconde les vivres failleront

chanter speeds cheers peers ethnarc match map helps see lies
Deſeſperez cherchant champs Heliſees

a importune seer enbreech thence enters victories
Premiers en breche entrez victoire auront
The forces of the sea divided into three parts,
The second one will run out of supplies,
In despair looking for the Elysian Fields,
The first ones to enter the breach will obtain the victory
De mer copies en trois parts diuiſees
A la ſeconde les vivres failleront
Deſeſperez cherchant champs Heliſees
Premiers en breche entrez victoire auront
L1: <prime-code sees enters><redeems darts pointers copies><receptions seemed><core star propensities><portraits / patriots seen><airports tense><triads sieues> crop

L2: <atlas encode evils failvres><virvses led oceans><revives olden scale><latona encodes iller lives><ill fears elvsive>

L3: <i see peers seeds help match><he maps chant seed lies><ethnarch precesz> presee

L4: <victoriez enter breech ><no seer permit><arriue on perimeters> emprint cheer hence
1: propensities, dissipator, victoriez, primecode, portraits, cherchez, failvres, rapists, revives,
2: potencies, compere, breech, hemps,
3: importuner, neuroptera, perimeters, recopies, match, vizer,
4: orpiment, israfel, thence, delves, viz,
5: receptions, ethnarch, atropins, copiers, latona, enterz, helps,
6: patroniser, redeems, deeems, seemed, peerz,
7: taurids, copies,
8: copier, atlas,
9: enclosed, acanth, tanach, heli,
10: permit, fails,
11: proteins, pointers, deacons, phasm, peeress,
12: champs, emptier, encode, zeer,
13: victorie, victoire, premieres,
14: -
15: solace, oceans,
16: preinset, chanter, tranche, rapist,
17: encodes, sealant, triads, arriue,
18: aslant, speeds,
19: -
20: -
21: rezt,
22: airports, erotic,
23: sefira, hence,

victories, dissipator, propensities, primecode, portraits, importuner, neuroptera, potencies, perimeter, failures, patroniser, receptions, revives, rapists, orpiment, ethnarch, recopies, enclosed, atropins, emprint, proteins, match, Taurids, thence, phasm, breech, emptier.airports

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