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Nostradamus C9 Q98: Econometrists cause opponents disease to spread throughout Europe.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C9 Q98 Econometrist protections from Pope aids Tiletanus his party is tried for Lygon's poetic transgressions in EnglandThe progress of an ocean spawned new-virus is acentuated by invasion of France from the south by a human clone from Macedonia. It is those that try to negotiate with this ocean-exposed man that carry the disease back to their homes.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Afar apez vuanted Tiletanus Venus Lunes false glif
2. Contrite men apart meant econometrist oppose protections
3. Romanised domains quaered once Pope insulates Lygon container
4. Norse elites model encharged enlarged feed rendered danger

# Ralph Liggons or Lygon (1540-1619) was an English Catholic involved in conspiracies and a supporter of Mary, Queen of Scots.
# cotquean : a man who busies himself with household duties
Those afflicted through the fault of a single one
The transgressor in the opposite party
Sends word to those of Lyons that compelled
They be to deliver the great chief of Molite.
Les affligez par faute d'vn ſeul taint
Contremenant a partie oppoſite
Aux Lygonnois mandera que contraint
Seront de rendre le grand chef de Molite.
L1: < tales><inflates salute><use false latin><venus default><affiliates pagez rules>valentinus(gnostic tacher 2nd c) tiletanus tales salient afar insulate fleas tafur(1st crsd peter) urfa silent safe elastin

L2: <econometrist pope><apart contrite men oppose it> poetics once meter namepattern section meter protections neman contemner antipater opposite pirate

L3: < reaction untax><ions named>ramondines(of toulouse) recantation cotquean damns glyxo mannoside(glycoside of mannose) once domains maidens lx container mansion quaere(queer) romanised sly-mongolian simon tania qedar xl creation counter quacer aminos

L4: <render grael><radioelements not><danger render sterile><model fetch> encharged eloim mesolite rechanged rendered melodi motile enlarged redden reenlarged enlarger steer
1: econometrist, protections, namepattern, valentinus,
2: encharged, rechanged, antipater, cotquean, inflates, figleaf, rendered, melodi, qedar,
3: ramondines, tantalise, opposite, mesolite, vaunted, oppose,
4: contemner, insulate, domains, poetics, pattarn,
5: romanised, container, tiletanus, contrite, mansion,
6: nemean, tafur,
7: reglanced, reenlarged, motile, ledger, tania,
8: redden,
9: untax, model, eloim, pope,
10: creation, reaction,
11: -
12: quacer,
13: notices, section, quaere, neman,
14: gilf,
15: remands, damns,
16: maidens, false, fleas,
17: -
18: vends, ounce,
19: rename,
20: amends, apart,
21: salute, lender,
22: -
23: simon, apez,

econometrist, protections, encharged, Valentinus, Ramondines, cotquean, tantalise, opposite, contemner, inflates, romanised, container, Tiletanus, figleaf, mesolite, reglanced, insulate, contrite, domains, vaunted, poetics, render, mansion, patter, creation, section, model, damns.

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