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Nostradamus C10 Q4: Radioactive elements become tradable through Middle East appeasements
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Apr 2023


Nostradamus Prophecies Nuclear VersesThe anagrams of this verse carry the story of how making the trade in radioactive elements legal makes it possible for radioactive elements such as actinium to be used as weapons of war.


There are three nuclear energy related anagrams in this verse that define one key framework of this verse's story; namely the innovations of the late 21st century that exploit nuclear technology.The anagrams are actinium (a minuict), deuteron (retourne d) and radion (dira on).


Nostradamus  Prophecies Verse C10 Q04 Nuclear Actium Radion Busiest Lawyeress Manilius Baius Jesus Istubar counter measureNow deuteron is an isotope of hydrogen and the merging of deuterons is currently being considered as a thermonuclear source for the earth's core remaining heated. It has also been posited that the same explanation lies behind anomalous reading from brown dwarf stars.


The radion (aka graviscalar) is a purported particle associated with gravitational anomalies. Although not an actinide this hypothetical elementary particle  has the potential to become prominent in determining the future of mankind in the universe.


And actinium is the first in the primary sequence of radioactive elements however its highly potent radiant properties are currently not exploited but are considered to be potentially useful in the treatment of disease.


The relevance of these three anagrams lies in their links to modern progress that is currently limited to research value only. They stand apart from the actinides that habe been our focus since the nuclear bombs of 1945 were dropped. As such their presence suggests that their impact is going to dwarf that of the other actinides. And in this context the story in the text seems to be the behaviou of a military leader involved in enabling their first usage.


In this verse it seems traders gain access to Islamic markets through the actions of lawyers who open loopholes through a policy of Middle East appeasement.


At midnight the leader of the army
Will save himself, suddenly vanished:
Seven years later his reputation unblemished,
To his return they will never say yes.
Sus la minuict conducteur de l'armee
Se ſauluera ſubit eſuanouy
Sept ans apres la fame non blaſmee
A ſon retourne dira oncq ouy.
  1. <counted meaSure islam ruled><meAsures ruled actinium conduct> <milan uSes> Suleimans adulterer resume
  2. <a lauuyereSS buSieSt><bit uSa nauSeouSly Suuear / uuearS> <uSual / lauuS yeSuS abuSer><you unSeat><bureauS uSual Site><uSa rule yeSuS iSobutane>
  3. <lebanonS fame><~a noblemanS falser appeaSements~><~aptneSs blameS rape on false name~><no peaSant aSsemble><noblemanS peasants aflame>
  4. <~qoranic deuteron [heavy hydrogen] you ArSon~><you re-ordain A Son route><our ordinance treAson>
1: appeasements, nauseously, noblemans, Actinium, Lebanons, Qoranic,
2: isobutane, lauuyeress, Seuleimans, Seulimans, Lebanon, measures, bureaus,
3: Istubar, resumes, uueals, Baius,
4: ordinance, Manilius, anapest / peasant, radio,
5: conduct, counted, reordain, blames,
6: Aubrites, anapests / peasants, Alfares, aflame, lauus, usual, essay,
7: adulterer, abuser, Yesus,
8: eructed, mauls, lauu,
9: falser,
10: busiest, measure,
11: alumni,
12: deuteron, pre- Satan, ordain / radion, Emona,
13: resume, alfa,
14: assemble, emerald, Bonne, uueal / ualue, soya,
15: aptness, uuares, suuear / uuears, bites,
16: respans, bonn, false /  fleas, fame,
17: -
18:  Milans, enroute, Delarue, Sauls,
19: -
20: Islam, you (2x),
21: educt,
22: -

appeasements, nauseously, noblemans, Actinium, Lebanons, Qoranic, isobutane, lauuyeress, Seuleimans, Seulimans, Lebanon, measures, bureaus, Istubar, resumes, uueals, Baius, ordinance, Manilius, , radio, conduct, counted, reordain, blames, Aubrites,  peasants, Alfares, aflame, laws, usual, essay, adulterer, abuser, Yesus, eructed, mauls, law,  falser, busiest, measure, alumni, Deuteron, pre-Satan, radion, Emona, resume, alfa, assemble, emerald, Bonne, value, soya,  aptness, swear, bites, respans, fame, Milans, enroute, Delarue, Sauls, Islam, you, educt.

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