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Nostradamus C10 Q5: The prophets comments on his publishers altering of his text.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse foretell how Rigaud Benoist, a publisher of Nostradamus' prophecies would alter the text. But there is also given in the last line the reason Nostradamus accepts this interference and it involves the oaths both have sworn.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

celibate calibrates star refers forecasters own well guile foresent
Albi et Caſtres feront nouuelle ligue

unfairer lines funeraries inostensible airliners bones poet portent genus
Neuf Arriens Lisbon et Portugues

acquire Cathars charts loose oaths consoles Sumer remount enormous rib rule
Carcas Tholoſſe conſumeront leur brique

fine fume l'Nostredame argues augur adulterers usage wakens chained
Quand chief neuf monſtre de Lauragues.
Albi and Castres will form a new league,
Nine Arians Lisbon and the Portuguese:
Carcassonne and Toulouse will end their intrigue,
When the chief new monster from the Lauraguais.
Albi et Caſtres feront nouuelle ligue
Neuf Arriens Lisbon et Portugues
Carcas Tholoſſe conſumeront leur brique
Quand chief neuf monſtre de Lauragues.
  1. <ouun traCtS foresent><neuuton foreCaSters><CelibAte guile aSsert uuell><aCts no touun refers><nor freest bAltiC-sea touun><guile not CitAble frees nouuel star> Scatter
  2. <benoiSt [Rigaud -N's publisher] Lines grouP-tunes><inostensibLe [not viewable]><uNfAirer Port benoist Lines><Lisbons Poet refrAin eNsue><bLois [central France]Portent>
  3. <enormouS oaThs cloSeS arc><aCquire bluer charTs><caThars [ancient Sth France religious sect] Solo not reconSumeS >
  4. <fume on aduLtererS fine usage> <L'noStredame augur> <chide auguraL Queans >
  1. Baltic-Sea, celibate, forecasters, inostensible, enormous, augural,
  2. Neuuton (Newton), tracts, reconsumes, airliners, Lisbons,
  3. Cathars, l'Nostredame, Lisbon, unsafer, chide
  4. refrain, closes, charts, adulterers, funeraries, uuagers (wagers)
  5. citable, unfairer, refrains, friar
  6. scatter, chained,
  7. adulterer, portent, forester, reforests, chief, oaths,
  8. acquire, Nemours, remounts,
  9. -
  10. touun (town), Blois / boils/ bolis, genus, sibl, loss,
  11. foresent, Benoist, fume, cirque,
  12. forsee, bones,
  13. augur, atered / related/ alerted, forseen,
  14. unsafe, host, enfuse,
  15. Lille,
  16. Oslo / solo, Albi / Bali, uuaqes, remount
  17.  bluer, nouuell, queans,
  18. freest, dealer / leader, forsent, uuell, aural,
  19. guile, poet
  20. -
  21. chats
  22. wager,
  23. -.

celibate, forecasters, inostensible, enormous, l'Nostredame, tracts, foresent, reconsumes, Cathars, chart, airliners, scatters, adulterers, funeraries, Lisbon, augural, refrain, forester acquires, unsafer, portent, host, remounts, unfairer, oaths, Blois, town, freest, dealer, closes, Benoist, poet, cirque.


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