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Nostradamus C10 Q08: The verse on the Christ child from the original to the clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus expands the normal gazetteer index to include religious lineage of Christ clone This verse's anagrams draw strongly on the birth of Christ and suggests Mary had children who prospered. The second line holds anagrams directly on this theme while the third references a later time in Northern Europe when this seem event is narrated under a different name.

The anagrams providing the frame to this verse include:

1. Poet pulse extend far for it populates unexploited profane index
2. Genes proper seed lineages prospered if clone on East allegiance
3. Uppsalr fore-print uuiser paper rename Ieuus Mary matronly pride 
4. Brussels jot some DNA steps astroid storms ordains
With forefinger & thumb he moistens the forehead
The Count of Senigallia to his own son:
The Venus through several of thin forehead,
Three in seven days wounded dead.
Index et poulſe parfondra le front
De Senegalia le conte a ſon filz propre
La Myrnarmee par pluſieurs de prinfront
Trois dans ſept jours bleſſes mors.

Anagram Clusters contained in French text

  1. <poet not Index feral pulSe><extend Into profaned feral Soul><forlearnt unexploIted profaned><populateS>
  2. <once eat Son galilean Seed><lineage proSpereD><note as if Son propelz allegiance> <once galilean finn-zealotS prospered> 
  3. <uppsalr rename Mary><a MatronLy puerperaliSm (period of childbirth)> <in My frontaL> uuiSer ieuuS upriSal reSidues
  4. <sTorms ordains Steps SeeS> <bruSSels jot><moSes bleSs> Sadness aptneSs
1: unexploited, populates, forlearnt, Brussels, puerperalism, 
2: allegiance, matronly, prospered, extend,
3: profaned, index, messes,
4: galilean, profanes, la Ferron, frontal, roubles, sadness, Pluto, proper, ,
5: ordains, profane, Adonis, blesses, radios, intend,
6: intoned, d'Artois, Gallia,
7: lineages, residues, reissued, spearof, spurred, army / Myra / Mary,
8: octanes, lineage, storms,
9: Galilea, Caelo,
10: depriues, uprisal, deposer,
11: frond, jot,
12: Roland, blurs,
13: prides, Moses,
14: -
15: aptness, 
16: Uppsalr, usuries, deriues / residue,
17: Ieuus / uuise,
18: rubles,
19: uuiles, rename, poet,
20: -
21: d'Orlean/ Leonard,
22: uuiser, pride, bless,
23: alia.

unexploited, puerperalism, populates, forlearnt, Brussels,  allegiance, matronly, prospered, extend,  profaned, messes, Galilean, profanes, la Ferron, frontal, roubles, sadness, Pluto, proper, ordains, Adonis, blesses, radios, intend, intoned, d'Artois, Gallia, lineages, residues, reissued, spearof, spurred, army, octanes, storms, Caelo, deprives, uprisal, deposer, frond, jot, Roland, blurs, prides, Moses, aptness,  Uppsalr, usuries, derives, Iews, wiles, rename, poet, d'Orlean, wiser, pride, bless, alia.

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