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Nostradamus C10 Q12: Europeans timid mediators allows the Vaticans demise.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is part of the eight verses carrying an anagram or word based on the root 'guide'. In this instance it is in the text and both forms have commonalities with the others in the series. In this particular verse there is a clear religious figure identified while in the anagrams there is once again a suggestion of a problem with instruments of sexual propagation. In humans the process involves an operation to impregnate seed taken at the time of death.

The anagrams that will enable meaning to be given to this verse include:

sequel even append Apep else eras mock cock measure
Eſleu en Pape d'eſleu ſera mocque

subedit so busiest maidens presume Europeanism supremo tempt timidest
Subit ſoudain eſmeu prompt et timide

probator bond rapport undo lax armoury prior epoc woke
Par trop bon doulx a mourir prouocque

certain trainee duties tantalise united mediators turgid guide
Crainte eſtainte la nuit de ſa mort guide
Elected Pope, as elected he will be mocked,
Suddenly unexpectedly moved prompt and timid:
By too much goodness & kindness provoked to die
Fear extinguished guides the night of his death.
Eſleu en Pape d'eſleu ſera mocque
Subit ſoudain eſmeu prompt et timide
Par trop bon doulx a mourir prouocque
Crainte eſtainte la nuit de ſa mort guide

L1: <coq pen meaSure elapSed SlEeue><euen aPep eludeS><racemuloSe (branched stalks) Seed Sequel>

L2: <europeanisM tempt><So i uSe mid bits><it tempt dainteouS Supremo> <pure maidenS> <timideSt tempo Supreme><prompt aid ouSt neumeS >Subedits

L3:<raPport uuocqe><prior Part uuoque amour><lax probator undo><coq pouu-er>

L4: <in eState Certain mediatorS anul><re-indiCate inState lunate guide><~re-indiCate gut more inSulated in eState~><margot (Valois Queen) insulated><aS tale united><arSenite taint> inteState neateSt turgid dutieS mideaSt

1: dainteous, probator, runepoems, timidest,
2: Europeanism, racemulose, mediators, enstatite, subedits, supremo, uuocqe, neumes, mocq,
3: tantalise, sudation, misedit, presume / supreme, auoid, spume,
4: Eltanin, turgid,
5: insulated, timid,
6: rapport, neatest, guide, prior,
7: mideast, elapsed, pleased, naditu,
8: subedit, bond,
9: -,
10: busiest, measure,
11: prompt, lax,
12: rapture,
13: tempt,
14: estate,
15: united, duties / suited,
16: maidens, certain, cried, bits,
17: instate, tenets,
18: trainee,
19: coma,
20: arsenite, 
21: taints, amos,
22: amour, coq (2x),
23: leuees, sleeue,

probator ,timidest, Europeanism, mediators, subedits, racemulose, coq, turgid ,spume, tantalise, supremo, maidens, timid, bond, pleased, busiest, measure, lax, trainee, duties guide, instate ,prior, coma, rapture, tempt,estate.




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