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Nostradamus C10 Q14: Istanbul considers Cauvin's Puritan view on the ascension as impaired.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the battle for dominance for religious power Istanbul's lack of decisive action harms the Protestant puritan sects who are more focussed on undoing recent sexual reforms. This verse shows a an interesting pattern uniting it with others. The fourth line of Nostradamus verses with this theme of religious upheaval tend to carry numeric values adjectives and nouns whose endings decline in sound.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 surveillance canons Isolde melody-lines declensions ascensions seem Yesod runes value
Vrnel Vaucile ſans conſeil de ſoy meſmes

Hard 'it' 'ti' impaired tarriance Cauvins
Hardit timide par crainte prins vaincu

wiser puritans imputableness Istanbul seems accompa[n]ies map appending pulse
Accompaigne de pluſieurs putains bleſmes

alone USA charter counters Cauvin Arab cell accruable
A Barcellone aux chartreux conuaincu
Urnel Vaucile without a purpose on his own,
Bold, timid, through fear overcome and captured
Accompanied by several pale whores,
Convinced in the Carthusian convent at Barcelona.
Vrnel Vaucile ſans conſeil de ſoy meſmes
Hardit timide par crainte prins vaincu
Accompaigne de pluſieurs putains bleſmes
A Barcellone aux chartreux conuaincu
L1: <so my declensions seems rvnes value><so a vrn slice my declensions value><vernal ascension slice><my odes seem><surveillance scan><idle laconicnesses>seems sensical unravel canonises isolde yesod(lun 9thsef) vau ascensions leonids lines moyse(moses) ne m

L2: <it hard timid rape in car><impaired certain>tarriance painters ruach auch pertain vincas vicunas cauvin triad encriptar(spnsh) cauvins previns

L3: <imputableness is sure><assembles in a sac uuiser putsepirus> lesbians puritans spurt uprises upstair usuries uuiretaps map repulsiue campaigncode istanbul ieuus pusil euripus campo rasputin usurp deplaigne pursue pulse

L4: <ux charter alone accruable><one arab>< cell a coxuuain>crab bucrania caballero nuexco uxchart excur unani(anc hlng sys) acrab arch alacber alecbar aniou calabre abrac recall truer brace
1: imputableness, laconicnesses, surveillance, declensions, accruable, coxuuain, uuiretaps,
2: caballero, ascension / canonises, encriptar, Istanbul, tarriance, impaired, Rasputin / puritans, lesbians, idleness, lesbian, acrab, abrac,
3: ascensions,butains, alecbar, usurp,
4: inclosed, repulsiue, Nuexco, spurt,
5: campaigncode, assembles, Cauvins / vicunas, venular / unravel, vincas, timid,
6: pursue, Moyse,
7: incloses, upstair, charter, recall, cvalue,
8: canons, Ruach, nerves / Nevers,
9: sensical, yesod, crab, puts,
10: Leonids,
11: vernal,
12: Cauvin, Aniou,
13: Isolde, campo, hard,
14: assemble, uprises, chart, dirt, visa,
15: paired,
16: certain, usuries, venal,
17: pertain, gained, coca, ieuus, uuise,
18: triad, excur, scans, rvnes,
19: uuiles,
20: cauxe, inept, alone, Vau,
21: vans,
22: uuiser, basin, bless,
23: -

Key Ideas:

imputableness, laconicnesses, surveillance, campaign-code, declensions, accruable, coxuuain, wiretaps, Caballero, ascensions, Istanbul, tarriance, impaired, Cauvins, Puritans, repulsive, idleness, inclosed, lesbians, sensical, charter, value, pursue.



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