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Nostradamus C10 Q19: A woman from humble origins elevated to the throne.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse suggests that at a future date a woman from a family forced to hunt for work in the Levant becomes Queen. This theme is consistent with the idea that Europeans from the Istrian region (Nortern Adriatic lowlands) are forced to take refuge in the Middle East as the flood waters continue to rise. The events in this verse imply a time setting that is after the middle of the 22nd century. Anagrams such as fate compel, clone and subelevation fit to the theme of a people displaced by natural events.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Jove skewer reapers yes-no leave
Jour que ſera parroy ne ſaluee

Jove raper seals Asellus salute pre-trial repair
Le jour apres le ſalut la priere

complete fate compel Tifaret rations Istria subelevations
Le compte fait raiſon et valbuee

unmouthable aura haunt once clone enfuse queens its firiest fire petrifies
Par auant humble oncques ne feut ſi fiere
The day that she will be hailed as Queen,
The day after the benediction the prayer
The reckoning is right and valid,
Once humble never was one so proud.
Jour que ſera parroy ne ſaluee
Le jour apres le ſalut la priere
Le compte fait raiſon et valbuee
Par auant humble oncques ne feut ſi fiere
L1: <enjoy our><queer yes-no seer lauu><rape royal runes> lenaeus joue ayens onerary unseal queuers quaeres uruq reuse sqeuuer qreuus esqrouu uuorq

L2: <ere april joel salute><our relapses> pierre lesparrou joue ajour asellus uprears lepers repair lesser uproar salluste

L3: <rafita is complete><sanitoria complete><air is unvotable><soviet unable> subelevation fate compel istria istar tempo starvation ratios blue olmec artois tifaret levant compete novates

L4: <f sequence><once its fire enfuse a rape queens humble aunt><an aura petrifies noble thumb> unmouthable nelumbo hunt ensue fits firiest haunt clone
1: subelevation, unmouthable, sanitoria, petrifies, firiest, Asellus, thumb,
2: unvotable, complete, humble, onerary,
3: compete, compel, Tifaret, Istria, hunt,
4: versation, queuers,
5: Levant, uuorq (work),
6: haunt,
7: Joel,
8: Lenaeus, Olmec,
9: -
10: leuee,
11: -
12: queens,
13: unseal,
14: enfuse,
15: -
16: Joue (2x),
17: -
18: uprears, quaeres, yesno,
19: noble,
20: hut,
21: salute, Pierre,
22: fate,
23: -

unmouthable, subelevation, sanitoria, petrifies, complete, versation, firiest, Asellus, thumb, humble, unvotable, compete, Tifaret, compel, Istria, queuers, hunt, Levant, work, Lenaeus, haunt, Olmec, noble, Queen, unseal, salute, Joel, enfuse, Jove, uprears, Pierre, fate.

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