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Nostradamus C10 Q26: The history of the dispute amongst a shipping dynasty
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

List of verses in Superape seriesNostradamus 1558 Henry Epistle quote for HEE18 on three brothers at war with each otherThe text of this verse begins with reference to a successor's concerns about his brother in-laws death. In so doing it matches the tales in the once barren lady's family in which there is a fight between brothers leading to the death of one of them. The brother-in-law in  that case would be the husband  of the Lady's daughter. It is then this individual that leads a war  against the brother who caused the death.

A completely different factor that supports this interpretation is the set of anagrams that sit well with the creation of a Christ DNA based clone.

Nostradamus' Cornerstone  verse C10 Q26 2Bros Series inLaw Vengeance Congealment Ingredient Seaborne AgennossThese include anagrams for bones (line 1), genes (line 2), clones (line 3), clone (line 4), Geneva breed (line 2) and Agennos's (line 3).

 However this collection of terms also  links to the above quote since the middle part says The triumvirate... will be sustained because of the holy and immaculate host. That statements ends with when the lords of Aquilon (North)  are two in number. This makes the quote a guide to the two brother series and at the same time implies one of the brothers has already died.

And at the very end of the quote there is the statement. Therein all the East trembles in fear of the brothers, not brothers of the North. This sentence frames the distinguishing features of this family. The brothers, not brothers may relate to  a brother in law but more likely is that they had the same mother but not the same father as stated in another part of the barren Lady quotes. It is obvious by the prominence the relationship is given in the quotes in that their fathering is significant and what we read fits to their being cloned using third party DNA. 


The successor will avenge his brother-in-law,
To occupy the realm under the shadow of vengeance:
Obstacle slain his blood for the death blame,
For a long time will Brittany hold with France.
Le ſucceſſeur vengera ſon beau frere
Occuper regne ſouz vmbre de vengeance
Occis oſtacle ſon ſang mort vitupere
Long temps Bretaigne tiendra auec la France.
  1. <bone engraverS / avengerS refer au clues><SecureS Seaborne cLues au refer><avenger rue son SucceSS><~nerve-gas cLues refer boneS au Secures~>
  2. <geneva breed muzov geneS><geneS preOccur><generouS reOccupance>revenged
  3. <reOccupies coaSt Strongman loSe><eruptive Strongman locateS><coaSt among cicerO's lesson><eurOpe cci (201)> <angStrom cloneS>
  4. <~Bespattering congeaLment clue rained aFar~><a careFul ingredient Lance a Breast> <reBaptism aura get aFar cLone>
1: bespattering, congealment, reoccupance, reoccupies, rebaptism,
2: ingredient, preoccur, revenged, careful, success, coasts,
3: strongman, Angstrom, vengeance, eruptive, avengers, engraves, nervegas, repugner, seaborne, Ciceros (2x), Genevan, avenge / Geneva, coerce,
4: berating, engraver, faecula, avenger, secures,
5: engravers, Alencon, lesson,
6: generous, locates, among, calf,
7: agennoss, Connel, reneger,
8: renegers,
9: -
10: -
11: Arnaud,
12: barons, breast / barest, coast, Sabon, bones,
13: interned, ocean, breed,
14: castle, triage,
15: solace,
16: -
17: purer, cci,
18: -
19: repute,
20: -
21: -
22: retained, granite, giant, Europe,
23: Berta.

bespattering, congealment, reoccupance, reoccupies, rebaptism, ingredient, preoccur, revenged, careful, success, coasts, strongman, Angstrom, vengeance, eruptive, avengers, engraves, nervegas, repugner, seaborne, Ciceros (2x), Genevan, avenge, coerce, berating, engraver, faecula, avenger, secures, Alencon, lesson, generous, locates, among, calf, agennoss, Connel, reneger, Arnaud, barons, breast, coast, Sabon, bones, interned, ocean, breed, castle, triage, solace, purer, cci, repute, retained, granite, giant, Europe, Berta.


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