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Nostradamus C10 Q27: Attempt to resurrect the dead occurs during marriage to cruel uncle
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

1558 Nostradamus Henry Epistle HEE2 Climate quoteVerse C10 Q27 earns its place in the series of verses traceable back to the quote alongside because of three major attributes.

The tone of its text matches that which evolves through the other members in the series. In addition its text includes the term key which only appears in this verse. And it has one of the two entries for the term fifth. The last of these factors is relevant because of the entry in the first verse in the series which contains a reference to a series of five rows or layers being applicable to Nostradamus' poetry.

The story line throughout the text and anagrams of this verse reflects a state of religious war with the clusters in the anagrams contributing two significant factors relevant to the genetic story of lineage. From aspects set out in the verse it appears the war involves the use of nuclear knowledge that drives peoples from their normal habitations. Firstly it highlights there is a high degree of cruelness and lack of scruples by the opponents. And secondly it implies the two major groups involved comprise Middle Eastern and European nations.

The text delivers the identification of the European participants via allusion. It does this by referencing a series of names from ancient time that are linked to countries on the Northern coast of the Mediterranean. For example in the text there are Hercules, Clement Julius and Ascans.

 Nostradamus Centuries 10 Quatrain 27 Fifth event in war involving Saracens SepulchreThe anagrams use a similar technique to identify Middle Eastern nations.  In this instance it is the terms Saracens (L3 Aſcans r) and cruelness (L3 ns recules) that implies the participation of a broad group of Arabic or Muslim peoples renowned for their fierce warrior abilities.

The foregoing features of this verse provide the basis for my pairing it with C4 Q06 which has a direct link to the quote in the epistle via the term climate. This term  appears as an anagram and this  is given relevance via the matching tone of each verses' religious war elements.

By its place in this series and this pair  this verse becomes one of the cornerstone for the trail about Islamic involvement in the religious wars which arise over the begotten status and descendants of Christ. This trail focuses on the impact war has on established religious institutions.


Through the fifth one and a great Hercules
They will come to open the temple by hand of war:
One Clement, Julius and Ascanius set back,
The sword, key, eagle, never was there such a great anger
Par le cinquieme et vn grand Hercules
Viendront le temple ouurir de main bellique
Vn Clement Jule et Aſcans recules
Leſpe clef aigle n'eurent onc fi grand picque.
  1. <~quin engravement rePlica scHeduler~><rePlaces cruel Hand><~engravement Paler quinic scHedule~><grand sePulChre event><quin rePlicas>relauncHed
  2. <bell maiden><main b-ride uuore><married / admirer in libel> <louuer temple not driVen><queVillein be maiden> uuordier meridian
  3. <Vncles men eJaculAteS cruelneSs><Saracens clues><VnCles AccurateneSS><cancerS elAtes>
  4. <factoring lineage rune><encounter farding [Arab duty]><and forcing (e)pic sequeL><fleeing-places cLique> neutron configurent (Fr: configure)
1: fleeing-places, configurent, accurateness, Quevillein, engravement, factoring, ejaculates, cruelness, forcing, vncles,
2: calipers / replicas, Saracens, quinic, Clement, 
3: relaunched, meridian, married / admirer, drench,
4: scheduler, uuordier / uuorried, minable, escalate,
5: sepulchre, lurched, scruple, replica, Minque,
6: neutron, cancers,
7: farding,
8: encounter, parcels, lineage, clef,
9: environed, Quince, hand,
10: -
11: replaces, facile, harden, jut,
12: -
13: aimed, Midea, drier / direr,
14: admire, Lvnes,
15: -
16: quill,
17: -
18: clique, enroute, scans,
19: -
20: maiden,
21: parcel, louuer,
22: libel, cqin, incq, herd,
23: quic, relic.

fleeing-places, configurent, accurateness, Quevillein, engravement, factoring, ejaculates, cruelness, forcing, vncles, replicas, Saracens, quinic, Clement, relaunched, meridian, married, drench, scheduler, worried, minable, escalate,  sepulchre, lurched, scruple, replica, Minque, neutron, cancers, farding, encounter, parcels, lineage, clef, environed, Quince, hand, replaces, facile, harden, jut, aimed, drier, admire, Lvnes, quill, clique, enroute, scans, maiden, parcel, lower, libel, kin, ink, herd, quic, relic.

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