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Nostradamus C10 Q29: Arrest of an emancipist considered dangerous causes a scandal.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The region of Bigorre provides the cipher for events in the region where the new ape clone is created. The event in this verse implies the locals attempt to capture the maturing child and then treat their captive in a debasing manner.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

eloped mans scandalous neoplasm cause rapine prance securance
De Pol MANSOL dans cauerne caprine

each preexistent trait short arab parabl[e]s bracable
Cache et prins extrait hors par la barbe

emancipatist anticipates emancipates if men commen[c]e best pittance estimates
Captif mene comme beſte maſtine

ape bear dangerous name men peers arrested desperate debaters 
Par Begourdans amenee pres de Tarbe
In a cave of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole a goat
Hidden and seized pulled out by the beard
Led captive like a mastiff beast
By the Bigorre people brought to near Tarbes.
De Pol MANSOL dans cauerne caprine
Cache et prins extrait hors par la barbe
Captif mene comme beſte maſtine
Par Begourdans amenee pres de Tarbe
L1: <salomon land deep cause><so dneiper land man securance><neuer scan mans old pole><scandalous man eloped> old splenoma / neoplasm aduances rapine nodal

L2: <~each preexistent aphorist(wise words author) bracable~><phrenetic sex trait brace><short bear parabl i print extras if men come>><pentarchies aphorist extra>

L3: <emancipatist beset>beset><estimates be emm once men fit cap>< emancipates if best men come><same pittance beset> semantic antiseptic bees insect

L4: <debaters peer bar dangerous name><~and rested bear preen same beargroup~> presee preseen rogue maenads trap
1: emancipatist, anticipates, emancipates, tristropha, scandalous, preexistent, underseaman, tenciphers, beargroup, phrenetic, anapestic, capetians, apheretic, estimates, etatisms, orphist, salomon,
2: pentarchies, shortpair, neoplasm, psalmone, splenoma, bracable, beartrap, debaters, annamese, dnieper, extra, retax,
3: antiseptic, androgeus, dangerous, aphorist, pittance, securance, semantic, debater,
4: desperate, barral, gebo,
5: pittances, aduances, parcener,
6: maenads, hecate,
7: aground, saroph, namnes,
8: around, barge,
9: predates, arrested, brogue, short, trait,
10: scandal,
11: loads,
12: arested, dearest, othr, thor,
13: etche,
14: percian, prints, load,
15: sold,
16: preinset, bees,
17: -
18: mates, teams, beset,
19: -
20: inmates, mast,
21: -
22: -
23: -

emancipatist, anticipates, emancipates, scandalous, preexistent, pentarchies, Capetians, estimates, Saloman, dangerous, neoplasm, bracable, aphorist, semantic, pittance, securance, deperate, debater, advances, scandal, dearest, arrested, mates, sold, short, loads.

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