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Nostradamus C10 Q31: American anti-imperial campaign flounders in Iran.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 10 Quatrain 34  Amrican Armenian influences fail to sreshape Irans Islaemite world view This verse is one of four that has an anagram for American in its text. In my page on American Disaster in Iran I show the consistency in these four verses. In total they produce a story that uses Alexander the Great's campaigns in Persia as a mirror image of what will happen in the twenty-first century. In this verse we see some of the elements that are repeated in the complete set and these relate to a disaster in the Gulf of Hormuz involving minerals released into the sea. It is part of an anti-imperial campaign that traverses the Alexandrian routes from the Gulf to the city of Susa by land and sea. This has always been difficult terrain for any army and it remains the case today. The Ishmaelites mentioned in the text most likely refers to a branch of Shia Islam whose adherents are also known as Seveners.

Anagrams that may provide keys to this verse include:

1. Anti-Milanese viper reinvade endanger German line
2. Islamites semiliterates aimless revolution wrote on  asterism use
3. American USSAT sails Carmania uvorld Armenian causalist unsolved
4. Deterrents so scout uurestles routes solutes
The Holy Empire will come into Germany,
The Ishmaelites will find open places:
The asses will want also Carmania,
The supporters all covered by earth.
Le ſaint empire viendra en Germanie
Iſmaelites trouueront lieux ouuerts
Anes vouldront auſſi la Carmanie
Le ſouſtenens de terre tous couuerts.
  1. <mineraL endanGer Sea><permit aLienS near envied Germ><eLSe renaminG era anti-empire driven><aLiens met enGrained marine viper ><~anti-miLaneSE empire Genera driven~>
  2. <our aSterIsm routine ouue titles uxe><~uuorst reuolution Semiliterates uxe~><true it outline(x) aimless routes>
  3. <~not sAne uvorld uSa ameriCan Sail~> <ail SuSa Carmania> <Carmania unsolved inSulatorS><ultraSound ovens> <a SCarlatinouS Armenian ovules>raCial undulatorS iSSuant 
  4. <tenSe deterrents><deters courteous resuLt><LeSs tense deterrents couu routes>


  1. 1: engrained, anti-Milanese, semi-literates, reuolution, Carmania, unsolved, causalist, undulators, ultrasound, ultrasound ovens, insulators, courteous
  2. 2: anti-empire, Islamites, uurestles, Armenian, Amalric, viper, Ieanne,
  3. 3: deterrents, Islamite, uurestle, ovules,
  4. 4: renaming, outline, American
  5. 5: torrentuous, Elamites, uurites, titles,
  6. 6: racial,
  7. 7: VUorld (world), retitles, Emaniel, deserter
  8. 8: ovens, sustain, Armenia,
  9. 9: asterism, Salic
  10. 10: routeless, aimless, seismal, permit, uterus / suture (2x),
  11. 11: outrules, Milanese, rotunda, mineral
  12. -
  13.  Adrienne
  14. resented, inane, Lord
  15. uuorst, sits
  16. coutures, reroutes, scout, amiss,
  17. -
  18. endanger, solutes, stouter, reroute, ouuner, Messia,
  19. -
  20. inmates, engram, german, aunts, USSAT.
  21. -
  22. -
  23. couture, result.

scarlatinous, semiliterates, anti-Milanese, ultrasound, undulators, reuolution, insulators, courteous, outlinex, unsolved, engrained, Carmania, Islamites, wrestles, Armenian, Amalric, viper, Ieanne, deterrents, Islamite, ovules, renaming, American, outline, torrentuous, Elamites, uurites, titles, racial, retitles, World, emaniel, deserter, issuant, sustain, Armenia, ovens, asterism, Salic, routeless, aimless, seismal, permit, uterus / suture (2x), outrules, telurous, Milanese, rotunda, mineral, emptier, marian, Adrienne, resented, inane, Lord, uuorst, sits, coutures, reroutes, scout, amiss, missa, endanger, solutes, stouter, reroute, ouuner, Messia, inmates, engram, german, aunts, USSAT, result.


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