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Nostradamus C10 Q32: Asterism cipher routines announced for British Empire story
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, May 2023


Empire Church Antichrist Nostradamus Epistle quoteThis verse suggests the reign of the Macedonian invader of France in the 22nd century will be very short and the reason is rising flood waters. This picture makes sense of the text and fits with earlier verses. The anagrams are of a type that fits with the ciphers normally used for this period.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

enlarged named cipher each an[n]ounced routi[n]es reset
Le grand empire chacun an deuoir eſtre

inobservant rules salute true lives evil re-obtained
Vn sur les autres le viendra obtenir

Empress reason gene test reset reestimate asterism upside meet
Mais peu de temps ſera ſon regne et eſtre

espouse arrows routines Nestorius used awakens (eux ans au) swan (ux nau)
Deux ans aux naues ſe pourra ſouſtenir
The great empire, everyone would be of it,
One will come to obtain it over the others
But his realm and state will be of short duration,
Two years will he be able to maintain himself on the sea
Le grand empire chacun an deuoir eſtre
Vn sur les autres le viendra obtenir
Mais peu de temps ſera ſon regne et eſtre
Deux ans aux naues ſe pourra ſouſtenir
L1: <large cipher named and><dampen chaucerian end><danger irresolute>~neuu-ordinates enlarged prim cache~ chaucer impend auch price epiderm gendarme reprimand impeacher pimander champier(agrippa friend) rioters retires neuuordinates steer

L2: <as result inobservant rule driven><as true rend evils><boat rend lives><uuarless rest><evil end abort> usa benoit aborted niobate relieves reobtained servile radon verseline broaden baronet uuastrels reviles revels levi botein beaton cardinal of in beoti

L3: <primates due meet press reason gene set><empress reason armies test gene><master deputise>reestimate negro upside aim artemis marie(stuart) pamiers asterism impresa iames(stuart) disputee reasons stream erasmi steer Empress reason armies deputies reestimate primates gene

L4: <resident spouse><ruined usa><routines uses as repour><uuaxens as ride naxus> dreux unites uneases uxed seeps uproars nasa reunited inserted nestorius intrudes espouse

1: inobservant, chaucerian, impeacher, reestimate, verseline, deputise, disputee, niobate, uuarless, aborted,
2: reobtained, champier, uuastrels, chaucer, uuaxens, arrouus, uuaxen,
3: irresolute, vintners, relieves, cipher, naxus,
4: uneases,
5: primates, reunited, reviles, servile, boat,
6: uuastrel, uualters, abort,
7: reenlarged, nestorius, intrudes, baronet, empress,
8: reprimand, broaden, uproars, impend, broad,
9: asterism, ciper, price,
10: dampen, upside, bent,
11: pimander, routines, inserted, resident, retires, retries,
12: -
13: botein, benoit, levers, revels, roars,
14: artemis, invert, austere, nux,
15: -
16: gendarme, epiderm, primed, repour, dupes,
17: rioters, ardeux,
18: -
19: impresa, pamiers, espouse,
20: reasons, nasau,
21: salute, terms,
22: master, stream, dreux,
23: resulte, spouse, result,

inobservant, Chaucerian, impeacher, reobtained, reestimate, irresolute, verse line, deputise, wastrels, warless, niobate, aborted, Nestorius, reprimand, primates, arrows, Baronet ,gendarme, broaden, resident, unease, reviles, Empress, rioters, invert, austere, reasons, espouse.

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