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Nostradamus C10 Q34: Death of an Olympic equestrian leaves his estate in turmoil
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

List of verses in Superape seriesThe text of this verse focuses on the struggles of a brother in law and in so doing matches the story emerging from this two brothers series. That is the major reason I paired it with C10 Q26 in this series since in so doing there is a good chance that important new detail is added to the brother's story. This approach was aided by cross references in other verses that enhanced the new components importance. However another good reason for putting it in this series is that this the only verse where frere (brother) is mentioned twice.

and unique links within the anagrams  such as bones  holds anagrams that repeatedly point to its message as one of legal struggles over inherited land rights. The text sets the background of the participants and this is expanded upon in the anagrams so that we are brought to the conclusion that a leader who was both a tyrant  and an Olympic equestrian during an Olympic event in France [Olympiques (loys qu'empi)] dies while riding a horse.

Nostradamus' Cornerstone  verse C10 Q34 2Bros Prague betrayed Olympiques TreasurerThe anagrams collectively carry a tone of finance and problem in its administration. This provides sufficient detail to deduce  the background to the story in this verse and others in this series. The anagrams on which this is based include leaving-to tyrant   (voltigean_t trayn), treasurer (eur ſera tr),  tenantry (nt trayne), treasure (eur ſera t), refer numeraries  (frere_mineur ſera), feudality refer (y Du fait le _  frere_) and agent overvalued  it (eval rude vol_ti_geant).

The unexpected death leaves his estate in limbo with the tenants on the properties of the estate being the beneficiaries of the delay. This state of affairs produces huge tension amongst those who are the nominated inheritors of the estate.

The Gaul who will hold the empire through war,
He will be betrayed by his minor brother-in-law:
He will be drawn by a fierce, prancing horse,
The brother will be hated for the deed for a long time.
Gauloys qu'empire par guerre occupera
Par ſon beau frere mineur ſera trahy
Par cheval rude voltigeant traynera
Du fait le frere long temps ſera hay.
  1. <aqueously prime praGue reoccur> <olympiques uuarpaGe rage preoccur><prague impure><prague prime queys reoccur>
  2. <mine treasurer><refer numerieS><Pray boneS insure (e)arth era> <Pray Son be urfa [Turkish city] ermine treaSure> arreSt / rareSt <intermeaSure baronS harPy> end> 
  3. <~tyrant Preach overvalued elating~>< treating any revalued love><outlived agent><elongative tyrant revalued><tattering love><Parcenary [estate legatees] tyrant have ruled> yearn tenantry devour
  4. <~feuDality refer long metaphraSes [literal translations]~><longer metaphraSes after-life> foreteller fertile empreSs hearSay felt / left


  1. Olympiques, reoccur, aqueously, numeraries, intermeasure, tyrant (+1 as 'tyrant'), over-valued, revalued, elongative, parcenary, outlived, tenantry, feudality, foreteller, metaphrases
  2. uuar-page (war page), tattering, hearsay
  3. harpy, treating, afterlife
  4. treasurer
  5. -
  6. impure, fertile
  7. empress
  8. elating, yearn
  9. -
  10. -
  11. treasure
  12. -
  13. preach
  14. Prague, bones, longer
  15. devour
  16. -
  17. -
  18. -
  19. felt / left
  20. -

tyrant, Olympian, afterlife, hearsay, over-valued, revalued, forteller, elongative, metaphrases, parcenary, tenantry, outlived, treasurer, feudality, impure, fertile, Empress, yearn, preach, devour, felt, Prague, longer, bones. 

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