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Nostradamus C10 Q40: Nostradamus links to Marguerite d'Angouleme and the French and English royal lines.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagram for patron and the tone of the text give this verse strong links to the previous quatrein C10 Q39. It also has an anagram for Leonardo who provides another link of possible patronage through ties to the French king's domestic realm. During his thirties Nostradamus lived in Agen within walking distance of Nerac, the court of Queen Marguerite d'Anguleme. This woman is known to have been the patron of both John Calvin and Leonardo da Vinci. Jules Scaliger, one of Nostradamus' patrons was official physician to Queen Marguerite and King Francis. The Queen owed a great debt to a local pastel magnate, Jean Bernuy, since it was he who gifted the money for her brother Francis ransom. Additionally Anne Boleyn spent time in the service of Marguerite while Annes daughter, Elizabeth wrote a complete copy of Marguerite's most infamous works long before she also became a queen.

In this verse the anagram for Londoner fits very well with the text's reference to the British realm. There is another anagram for quadrumane and this term means an ape-like creature with effectively four hands.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

June any urea gene inebriate inquirant inquinate (pollute) jewel
Le jeune nay au regne Britannique

quadrumane repel enumerator errant command
Qu'aura le per emourant recommande

Lyceum olden Londoner deploration d'orlean tornado Leonardo pique
Iceluy mort LONOLE donra topique

sonate fills gender gene madmen named
Et a ſon fils le regne demande
The young heir to the British realm,
Whom his dying father will have recommended
The latter dead Lonole will dispute with him,
And from the son the realm demanded.
Le jeune nay au regne Britannique
Qu'aura le per emourant recommande
Iceluy mort LONOLE donra topique
Et a ſon fils le regne demande.
L1: <inquinate gunbearer><berating any urea in><inebriant urge><be inquirant> june quinn

L2: <uueaq commander>mercaton><repel a uuar enumerator command> named madmen repeal uuaqe quadrumane

L3: <no deploration(lamenting)><to equip leonardo><ice equip tornado><londoner lot> lyceum olden d'orlean patron yule

L4: <amended gene refills son><gender named if sell on east> reneged
1: deploration, bantering, commenda, gunbearer, Londoner, tornado, Ammon,
2: quadrumane, commandeer, commander, demeaned, emendate, Lyceum, rebegin, madmen,
3: enumerator, Leonardo, refills, amended, fills,
4: inebriant, berating,
5: comma,
6: numerator,
7: brine,
8: inquirant,
9: inquinate, quintain, damned / demand,
10: -
11: quintan, tribean,
12: trance, 
13: east-end,
14: -
15: a-,
16: -
17: atop,
18: aural / laura,
19: errant, tribe/ Tiber,
20: cluey,
21: d'Orlean / Leonard, reneged, resell / seller, June,
22: -
23: -

quadrumane, deploration, commander, bantering, gunbearer, Londoner, enumerator, inebriant, Leonardo, berating, inquirant, numerator, inquinate, tornado, demeaned, madmen, rebegin, Lyceum, rebegin, refills, demand, berating, errant, Tiber, d'Orlean, seller, reneged.


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