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Nostradamus C10 Q41: Ancient rituals for burying the dead are reinstated.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse's anagrams carry critical terms that imply that the the theme relates to burial rites. Such a topic is relevant since it covers a field to which Nostradamus had known connections but it also has futuristic relevance. Burial versus cremation becomes a critcical debate as common circumstances of death change. As the hazard from the dead increases there is a need for those whose religious convictions dictate burial to accept cremation of their dead.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

entire creed causes Saducees chart Lunes for funerals
En la frontiere de Cauſſade et Charlus

no gun relies losing soil dung found in saddle lava valle[y]
Non guieres loing du fonds de la vallee

ill devils lived France encharm music casque olden sleuth quiesce
De ville Franche muſicque a ſon de luths

environ ruin Norn comes combs Coulombs bolus (meteorite) granted grandest soul dementary
Enuironnez combouls et grand myttee
On the boundary of Caussade and Caylus,
Not at all far from the bottom of the valley
Music from Villefranche to the sound of lutes,
Encompassed by cymbals and great stringing.
En la frontiere de Cauſſade et Charlus
Non guieres loing du fonds de la vallee
De ville Franche muſicque a ſon de luths
Enuironnez combouls et grand myttee
L1: <frontal launchers><sad cause><usa intercede><funerals chart><for entire rules cheated> edessa learchus aesacus decussate frontier reoriented surceased unseal sulfane decree creed saducees hecate detaches afront teacher causes caused susa secthead cha re

L2: <no gun relies><doing deals><oil found><founding runeologies><all slaved found seer losing>laval ginole(nr alet) eulogiser none sigelrune rleonis saddle neurologies sodden levanael legions

L3: <iacques son><feral devil><ill france><music he acquires><shut olden sea> devils nodules aquose vied caiques hustled fell sacque sum fear sequacious levi lesuth enarch thus cesium

L4: <granted my coulombs><none ruin> grandest largest norn great gestural reunion strangled damn mob soul boletus regulants
1: neurologies, runeologies, sequacious, coulombs, founding, launchers, decussate, levanael, hustled, devils, aesacus, devil, laval,
2: surceased, gestural, cheated, sodden,
3: reoriented, eulogiser, intercede, reencited, reenticed, saducees, lesuth, salved, slaved, aquose,
4: sigelrune, frontal, caiques, iacques, nodules, teacher, etched, mynd,
5: funerals, boletus, sulfane, music, decree,
6: detaches, secthead, frontier, saddle, hecate, cozen, thus, shut,
7: strangled, encharm, lava,
8: learchus, quisce, caique, charte, found, causes, fell,
9: relosing, largest, reunion,
10: casque, sacque, caused, mty,
11: -
12: rleonis,
13: oriented, unseal, etche,
14: afront, chart,
15: -
16: -
17: gets,
18: creed, shed,
19: edessa,
20: strangle, flora, hut,
21: -
22: solute, cheat, teach,
23: doing, relose, quic,

Saducees, cheated, devils, reenticed, SigelRune, strangled, frontal, secthead, frontier, funerals, Iacques, sodden, boletus, nodules, Learchus, teacher, encharm, aquose, sulfane, etched, largest, saddle, oriented, music, reunion, grandest, quiesce, decree, thus, chart, legions, causes.

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