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Nostradamus C10 Q44: A king orders techniques learned in space to be used for cloning workers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse contains terms that tie it into the story of the Eastern Antichrist found in the Henry Epistle.

It is however left to the anagrams to provide the cohesion needed to understand this verse's text. And it does so by terms linking it into the genetic flow of earlier verses. Some key anagrams in this regard are ailments (lmatiens), signatures (gures Nati), regularise (era Ligures), bodyless (de Bloys S) and granularities (ra Ligures Nati) which fits well into the nature of the chromosome, its genes, the nucleole and the cellular building block of complex life forms. The anagrams also convey many place names to complement those given in C9 Q28. The text of verse C10 Q60 which deals with the same story also specifies the event tales place in the new year.

The anagrams resolving the meaning of this verse include:

 Persians personalise lesser ancestors Polar works worn years electrons
Par lors qu'vn Roy ſera contre les ſiens

defiant bled subjoys wager granularities regularise angularities signatures
Natif de Bloys Subjuguera Ligures

names lemma animates colder beetles dub Malta ailments
Mammel Cordube et les Dalmatiens

Troyes enters elements resumed superorbital speeds
Des ſept puis l'obre a Roy eſtrennes et lemures
When a King will be against his people,
A native of Blois will subjugate the Ligurians,
Memel, Cordoba and the Dalmatians,
Of the seven then the shadow to the King, New Year
Par lors qu'vn Roy ſera contre les ſiens
Natif de Bloys Subjuguera Ligures
Mammel Cordube et les Dalmatiens
Des ſept puis l'obre a Roy eſtrennes et lemures.
L1: <persian not lesser races><persians electrons years><persians tolerances><polar sterileness><less penis squalor><personalises electrons years><persian lesser ancestor> rays

L2: <granularities fed urge><regularise defiant boyls><real signature fed><if natures bodyless ><subjoys uglier uuager bled faint urges><unfairest bled> uranites

L3: <mentalism leads><ailments><belted damsel / medals animates><malta deletes ammines> colder lemma outbreed laminates

L4: <sumer put borealis(northern) speeds><enters elements superorbital supersedes><troyes laborer seeds resume> steer
1: granularities, superorbital, angularities, popliteus, signature, supersedes, subjoys, laborers, beetles,
2: electron-rays, personalises, sterileness, regularise, unfairest, pulpits, misname, Melcor,
3: mentalism, bodyless, ailments / namelist, Telemus,
4: listeners, Bodleys, borealis, outbreed, elements, boilers, Bodley,
5: renvoys, ailment, resumed, colder,
6: notcareless, coeternal / tolerance, Matilda, royster, reusing, Boyle,
7: sapiens, damsel, medals, jug,
8: defiant, boreal, Olmec, lobs,
9: Gauuler, salted,
10: tolerances, personal, bolis / Blois / boils, subs,
11: deletes,
12: uglier, bued,
13: enspiral, tireless, Malta, lemma, resume, Rennes, bud / dub,
14: Troyes, grail, lagir,
15: Persians,
16: resiles,
17: uranites, bled,
18: speeds,
19: eldest,
20: ancestor, inmates, years,
21: greuu, emma,
22: uuager, faint,
23: electrons.

superorbital, granularities, electron-rays, angularities, personalises, sterileness, signature, supersedes, subjoys, regularise, mentalism, unfairest, popliteus, laminates, bodyless, laborers, Troyes, Rennes, Malta, ailments, pulpits, tolerance, outbreeds, elements, animates, Persians, ancestors, years, Grail, uranites, grew.


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