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Nostradamus C10 Q45: Creationists rely on Roman laws to impose macabre powers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The verse implies that a time comes when the people of Southern France once again have an institutional judgement of correctness forced upon thems. The anagrams suggest creationists defy threats of burning by challenging the new rulers origin. It is implied that a king wavers at their threats because of his connection to his links to the Rigel (Orion)-DNA initiated species of new apes. See the the last three (of fifteen) occurrences of Rigel at C10 Q71, C10 Q85 and C10 Q96 for more on this theme.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

lay mob dumber genre reurged engender aura none vary
Lombre du regne de Nauarre non vray

time i fear alive lordliest stored ill eg[g] item
Fera la vie de sort illegitime

value imprison pure Creationism impervious incendiarist macabre ray power incriminates
La veu promis incertain de Cambray

Rosamund guiltier me[m]ory role learns random rule Rigel time  
Roy Orleans donra mur legitime

#Rigel:  the brightest star in Orion.
The shadow of the realm of Navarre untrue,
It will make his life one of fate unlawful
The vow made in Cambrai wavering,
King Orleans will give a lawful wall.
Lombre du regne de Nauarre non vray
Fera la vie de sort illegitime
La veu promis incertain de Cambray
Roy Orleans donra mur legitime
L1: <unrare gene><none vary><dumber royal engender aura> gender mob ray ennead lay lyra molay durer ruder nauarre reneged

L2: <ill time fear stored alive><lordliest legit><vied a feral legitime> lava availed avile toilers aflare rafael till

L3: <abram promisinc value retained><macabre incendiarist><provalue incriminates><imprison certain value> purveyal impervious recriminations ray incinerated alveary iconism imperious since centuries imposure adiacent lay lyra trance barmy pouver euro creation

L4: <rigel time><roman rule><royalnes adorn><learns random rule><rome guiltier>geometrii radon sardon learns sod royal-one(jacob-apostle) rosamund orlean uglier
1: recriminations, incriminates, incendiarist, impervious, incinerated,  imperious, lordliest, purveyal, iconism, dumber,
2: creationism, provalue, guiltier, imposure, availed, macabre, barmy,
3: imprison, legitime (2x), pouver, devise,Abram,
4: adiacent,
5: Rosamund, Molay,
6: till,
7: engender, avail, value, vary, lava,
8: mural, Ennead,
9: Nauarre,
10: legit (2x),
11: aryl / Lyra (2x),
12: uglier, trance,
13: -
14: -,
15: storied, Rigel,
16: d'orleans, certain,
17: detain,
18: -
19: aflare / Rafael,
20: -
21: degreen, Durer / ruder,
22: retained, random, Orlean, avile / alive, arum,
23: .

Creationism, impervious, incendiarist, recriminations, incinerated, imperious, lordliest, iconism, purveyal, incriminates, RoyalOne, RomanRule, legitime, imprison, guiltier, imposure, Rosamund, adiacent, availed, macabre, power, dumber, engender, Ennead, uglier, value, Rigel, vary.


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