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Nostradamus C10 Q47: Events in 16th century Scotland mirror events in 21st century Russia.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Names such as Darnley (yrlande) and Stuarts (ttra ſus) appear in the anagrams and these are prominent figures in the history of Scottish royalty. It was in the 16thC that Mary Queen of Scots adopted the spelling of Stuart for what until then had been Stewart.

The name Darnley was not only the name of the founder of the line but was the father of Mary's Son James. Lord Darnley also adopted the name of Stuart which meant James took the Stuart line into the British Royal line.

The futher inclusion of Metatron (on mettra) which is the name for Enoch in angel form, Adam (a dam), Ishtar faction (trahiſ - on faict), Shia (ahiſ) and Jesus (iſſeu) suggests that the lineage is meant to hold religious significance for the stories on the Jesus clone.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

ill deal made damage Darnley [t]ruly boded worse evil
De Bourze ville a la dame Guyrlande

Metatrons matter torment Stuarts factions upstarts transmute Shia altar fashion
L'on mettra ſus par la trahiſon faicte

random legend enlarged related foreplan named profane Englander
Le grand prelat de Leon par Formande

facet pause iller sin neutraliser Russia refused insert Iesus feudaries
Faux pellerins et rauiſſeurs defaicte
At the Garland lady of the town of Bourze,
They will impose for the treason committed
The great prelate of Leon through Formande,
Undone by false pilgrims and ravishers.
De Bourze ville a la dame Guyrlande
L'on mettra ſus par la trahiſon faicte
Le grand prelat de Leon par Formande
Faux pellerins et rauiſſeurs defaicte
L1: <mad gunlayer evilz rebounded><uranyl deed damage evil bourze> neuralgy underlay land allelvia lay lyra levi doube darnley lunary reynald guy adam bended vizer

L2: <faction matters><torment usa><lone star><particlel fashion> fiona tarsus stature transmutes upstarts oncelt treats ishtar start factions metatron risha stuart molten susa meton stuarts metonical shia sutras metatrons altar

L3: <englander form a><foreplan roman date><from a legend(ides><for aldermen danger><pearl delt> of march) random damn named open profane delta enlarged dalet manfredo altered peroneal

L4: <iller sustainers><uuise art>< fucate(paint) xpell>isus iesus natures listener feudaries(feudal landowners) duress arseniuret staruuise uranites usuries pelle reinsert istaru uses russia uueiss(asad) facet austri neutraliser fades refused ursasite
1: transmutes, sustainers, rebounded, feudaries, upstarts, fashion, Darnley / Reynald, Stuarts, bourze, bended,
2: metonical, transmute, allelvia, foreplan, refused, damage, evilz,
3: neutraliser, Metatrons, factions, gunlayer, neuralgy, underlay, surlaps, faucet, vizer,
4: staruuise, lunary / uranyl, Russia,
5: profane,
6: aldermen, reinsert, landed, Stuart, Risha,
7: Metatron, Ishtar, ledger, facet,
8: stature,
9: matters, austri / Istaru, Sutras, Tarsus, fades, guy,
10: Fiona, ruly,
11: legend, ended, Lyra,
12: form / from, mage / game,
13: Englander / Greenland, faction, molten, altered / related, duress,
14: start,
15: torment, listener,
16: usuries,
17: uranites, issue / Iesus, Adam,
18: elated, Pelle, liner,
19: -
20: -
21: Shia,
22: random, altar, fate,
23: deaden, apron.

Key Ideas:

sustainers, rebounded, transmutes, Darnley, upstarts, fashion, Stuarts, feudaries, metonical, foreplan, refused, neuralgy, damage, evils, underlay, Metatrons, factions, neutraliser, starwise, Russia, bourse, profane, gunlayer, alderman, reinsert, Ishtar, facet, ledger, stature, matters, Tarsus, fades, Lyra, legend, ended, mage / game, Englander, altered, uranites, molte, duress, torment, start, listener, usuries, issue random, Iesus, Adam, Shia, fate, altar, apron, deaden.

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