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Nostradamus C10 Q52: The Soul becomes focal point of debate on cloning.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse contain numerous references to chid bitrth. These include reseminate,heritance, menstration, juvenile and terminations. But it also contains two anagrams for uranite (uranium ore) and a sequence saying 'evil soul warned'. In the fourth line the text says 'young old wife undefiled' which has greatest sense when applied to a woman and her cloned child. It is the unity of these ideas with the stream that emerges in this section that gives it sense. This verse describes the time when man becomes concerned about the harmful legacies he is leaving to the world.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

alive owe Yale selected armies seed marine Tiemannite uranite
Au lieu ou LAYE et Scelde ſe marient

Norse stolen copse golden lodgement maps many see
Seront les nopces de long temps maniees

paper preach Catharine heritance unhieratical devil answered cal[l]ous Soul
Au lieu d'Anuers ou la crappe charient

June venuevill contesseration (befriending) monetarist reanimates intimate   juvenile terminations
Jeune vieilleſſe conſorte intaminee
At the place where the Lys and the Scheldt unite,
The nuptials will be arranged for a long time
At the place in Antwerp where they carry the chaff
Young old age wife undefiled.
Au lieu ou LAYE et Scelde ſe marient
Seront les nopces de long temps maniees
Au lieu d'Anuers ou la crappe charient
Jeune vieilleſſe conſorte intaminee
L1: <armies selected><outlauu lay><neutralised male> marine radioelements reanimates reseminate uranite raiment marie celts erasmi erasmien yale

L2: <olden maps><magnetism opens enclosed><strongest enemies> eeriness not lodgements necepsos leptons long golden scope

L3: <catherine uuield><unhieratical paper><uuarned soul><oracula ansuuered> uuand catharine inearth uranite uuardens uuorsen heritance appeach cheap eparch raouls parca dauun arieh andreuu apep ouuners preach uuaned asunder unaroused

L4: <terminations once><no menstration><intimate or closeness lie in>cronos astronomic venue monetarist tiemannite aim nitrate iuvenile june contesseration(harmonious union) juvenile-lie tertian etamin encloses soon
1: contesseration, unhieratical, juvenilelie, monetarist, tiemannite, intimate, uuardens, oracula,
2: terminations, menstration, reanimates, catharine, reseminate, catherine, heritance, closeness, ansuuered, andreuu, uuarned, dauun, uuand,
3: lodgements, necepsos, selected, inearth, ouuners, uuorsen, eeriness,
4: iuvenile, consort,
5: appeach, cronos,
6: lodgement, encloses,
7: calous,
8: leptons,
9: enclosed, emeralds, erasmien, nitrate, tertian, scope,
10: uuield, raouls,
11: louuers, slouuer, arieh,
12: sells,
13: eparch, preach, louu,
14: uuaned, parca, venue,
15: -
16: golden, uranite, uranite,
17: raiment, soon,
18: -
19: celts,
20: cheap,
21: june,
22: chair,
23: -

unhieratical, contesseration, menstration, terminations, monetarist, Tiemannite, lodgements, Catharine, reanimates, intimate, reseminate, heritance, closeness, wardens, answered, oracula, lodgement, Juvenile, selected, slower, uranite, worsen, golden, nitrate, venue.

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