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Nostradamus C10 Q54: The girl born from an organ implant will also be traded for parts.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is part of the story of the unfolding destiny of a cloned female child. The anagrams tell how the Persian nations enter a pact to create clones by fertilisation in space. The focal point for the verseuis anagrams such as spermaries, uterine aspect, reunite in space, primates resist, animals, condemn ape. These tell us that man's fear is as much based on the emergence of the new man as about his own actions.

Anagrams resolving the meaning of this verse include:

 it even reunite ne[i]ce come on promenade condemn ape concur refine uterine finer-bit
Nee en ce monde par concubine fertiue

primates epithalamus used whales spermaries retitles sisters now sell  well
A deux hault miſe par les triſtes nouuelles

it even enter enemies Epicureanist era nemesis repair  Persian space uterine aspect 
Entre ennemis ſera prinſe captiue

elementals name aligns best signal rules animal brutes
Et amene a Malings et Bruxelles
She born in this world of a furtive concubine,
At two raised high by the sad news
She will be taken captive by her enemies,
And brought to Malines and Brussels.
Nee en ce monde par concubine fertiue
A deux hault miſe par les triſtes nouuelles
Entre ennemis ſera prinſe captiue
Et amene a Malings et Bruxelles
L1: <concur condemn ape><ape demon concur><fine uterine> compander carpo promenade refine unite enif reunite

L2: <psalter times nouuels rites><psalterium relists notes well><lets primates resist ouun aleles uxed><resist alerts epithalamus><suuollen site eased><tenuous lies><persia lets sister> multiphase miletus pastime latium nouuell times uxed pamiers impresa s re

L3: <uterine aspect><ten spermaries reunite in space><rises men enter pact><praises arsenic><persias men risen><princes miss era>persian nemesis piscean aseptic repair since serapis messine(metz) seism epicureanist epacts repairs messier

L4: <name tangibles><malign brutes emanate><elementals gets animals><name signal><best align><a blustering name tame> easement ligaments stealing alemanni best single glanis alnaim rebuts glisten bet amelia rulex genitals
1: epithalamus, multiphase, blustering, compander, tangibles, ligaments, promenade, Alemanni, concur,
2: epicureanist, elementals, glisten, easement, latium, incube,
3: psalterium, suuollen, condemn,
4: simulate,
5: spermaries, stealing, primates, nouuels, relists, Maltese, Glanis / signal, emanate,
6: Miletus, malign, brutes / rebuts,
7: Nestorius, septimal, pastime, inserts, Messier, Amelia, exurb,
8: aseptic, piscean,
9: -
10: remiss,
11: reunite / uterine (2x),
12: tenuous, arsenic, alnaim, animal,
13: aspect / epacts, onsets / stones, brute / rebut, refit,
14: refine,
15: messine / nemesis, single,
16: capes / space,
17: nouuell, princes, align, gets,
18: plaster / psalter, carpo, uuell, matesv/ teams,
19: impresa / Pamiers, Persias / praises / Serapis,
20: repairs,
21: aleles,
22: prelates, sites,
23: -

Epicureanist, multiphase, epithalamus, blustering, elementals, promenade, tangibles, Alemanni, spermaries, glisten, swollen, ligaments, concur, simulate, Nestorius, stealing, primates, condemn, easement, Nouuels, pastime, signal, malign, Piscean, animal, brutes, arsenic, emanate.

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