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Nostradamus C10 Q56: English realm reaps little benefit from an organ transplant
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse acts as a bridge between the story lines of earlier and later verses. It unites the themes of organ transplants as a technological reason for war with the Salfids in the previous verse being the protagonists who destroy new clones formed from old bloodlines. The last line of text summarises this same genetic idea with its engmatic claim 'For long dead as a stump alive in Tunis'. The anagrams then build a story of how the Arab campaign begins with a mock attack on airports.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

proletary Troy alter also no basis Saints abstains
Prelat royal ſon baiſſant trop tire

danger fluxed fuel used organs Dragoness airports Arabs uncharged
Grand fleux de ſang ſortira par sa bouche

angelic gene align clique preacquire reap preseeing gene
Le regne Anglicque par regne reſpire

 so some technologues temp[t] storm five entun[e] cosy memo
Long temps mort vif en Tunys comme ſouche
The royal prelate his bowing too low,
A great flow of blood will come out of his mouth
The Anglican realm a realm pulled out of danger,
For long dead as a stump alive in Tunis.
Prelat royal ſon baiſſant trop tire
Grand fleux de ſang ſortira par sa bouche
Le regne Anglicque par regne reſpire
Long temps mort vif en Tunys comme ſouche
L1: <alter royal son basis><also proletary(lower><transitory properties>asias classes) abstains loans troy aleatory transits saints satanist pierre letterpair bosnia repel sabon sabians(psellus source) solary salon asians slay repeal

L2: <designators anger fluxed><arabs airports uncharged><storing fuel> airports strong assorting dangerful obscura bars roasting barouches starpair dragoness song exude organs

L3: <angelic genre perils><perils realign genera><cliquereplacing rare gene equips> gangrene preacquire preseeing reneges renegers respire calquing cling

L4: <technologue memos><overfit tune><poem-length tune five> some cosy countys helon hole eloh enif long chelon chole poemslength
1: technologue, designators, preacquire, calquing, countys, obscura, strong,
2: poemslength, poemlength, uncharged, barouches, assorting, gleaning, abstains, preseeing, overfit, airport, gossan,
3: proletary, dragoness, angelic, sabians, cling, unty,
4: roasting, storing, sorting,
5: starpair, chelon, cosy,
6: dangerful, royals, solary, asians, arabs,
7: bosnia, reneger, helon,
8: gangrene, fluxed, renegers,
9: charge, memos,
10: reneges, five,
11: mouse,
12: sabon, lays, slay,
13: organs, chole, fuelx,
14: basis,
15: eloh, hole,
16: -
17: align, fled,
18: clique,
19: -
20: respire, asias,
21: feint, pierre,
22: airports, lineag, basin, song,
23: deluxe, quic,

technologue, preacquire, Poems Length, designators, uncharged, proletary, Dragoness, abstains, assorting, dangerful, obscura, preseeing, roasting, Bosnia, airport, strong, angelic, storing, overfit, Sabians, StarPair, aligns, Asians, charge, clique, organs, gangrene, basis.

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