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Nostradamus C10 Q58: The end of a reign signalled by betrayal of human organ sellers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is the start of a new era when the clone-victims of the amputee trade rebel against the Macedonian leader that has invaded France at the onset of the great floods.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to verse C10 Q58 include:

despumate wide quell feline Roman wake Quoran amputees wield
Au temps du deuil que le felin monarque

roguery real June anatheme Emathien urge early Athenaeum
Guerroyera le jeune Aemathien

allanuebres peer relic alter Albret Buraq age literal Arab league
Gaule branſler perecliter la barque

upon neat internet shops ten strophes a poshness tenant enter
Tenter Phoſſens au Ponant entretien
In the time of mourning the feline monarch
Will make war upon the young Macedonian
Gaul to shake, the bark to be in jeopardy,
Marseilles to be tried in the West a talk.
Au temps du deuil que le felin monarque
Guerroyera le jeune Aemathien
Gaule branſler perecliter la barque
Tenter Phoſſens au Ponant entretien
L1: <amputees uuield><quell ><norman life> uueaq despumate stumped uuaqe roman uuide qoran quran equate dumps auue

L2: <real roguery> anatheme heating year early june emanate ianthe neith emathien athenaeum orrery meneau

L3: <bilateral creeper><albert arque>alanuebrs-algebra-equal alrueb allanuebers belarusan league arguable arab quarterable literal arable baal blaguer nebular nursable lepers balaguer arbatel alburaq(prophets horse) blue bear bluer barral albret rub

L4: <ten entire strophes><as upon entrant>enter hesperos(venus in west) perth poshness seasons repent hoses tenet internet
1: Athenaeum, strophes, poshness, hesperos, heating, dumps, perth,
2: betraial, anatheme, strophe, roguery, seasons, shops, creeper,
3: Emathien, Al Buraq, stumped, entrant, orrery,
4: despumate, amputees, internet, barral,
5: bilateral, erectile, amputee, emanate, Ianthe, Albret / Albert,
6: uuide, hoses / shoes,
7: oilmen, math,
8: quell, early, layer,
9: Meneau, hoper,
10: El Quid, uuield, barque,
11: Alberti, league, barns, uuage,
12: Norman, arable / el Arab,
13: literal,
14: -
15: -
16: -
17: bluer / ruble,
18: tenant,
19: upon,
20: -
21: elfin, june,
22: Quoran, Qoran, creep, year,
23: -

Athenaeum, poshness, heating, despumate, strophes, AlBuraq, roguery, betrayal, internet, dumps, stumped, amputees, erectile, entrant, Perth, shops, emanate, creeper, orrery, Ianthe, oilmen, Albret, early, league, wield, Qoran, relic, upon, Norman, tenant.

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