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Nostradamus C10 Q60: Details of cataclysm that triggers 22ndC greater floods.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse sits well within the stories of the great mutations that Nostradamus foresaw for the end of this century. The anagrams contribute a familiar story of changed genes while giving hints as to the name, concerns and timing of the main protagonists. The anagram for Messia (iſſe Ma) is an important confirmation of the story line since that term is one used to refer to the Jewish saviour.

The text of verse C9 Q40 which deals with the same story also specifies the event takes place in the new year and places such as Malta and Rennes (rennes) are also found in each.

The anagrams that provide the key to solving this verse include:

Penni[n]es rule sunrise name agnomen man opening Messia genesis genes
Je pleure Niſſe Mannego Pize Gennes

one metal USA Nicene's encap is Nemean Maltese Eudemon
(benevolent demon) penance
Sauone Sienne Capue Modene Malte

unassessed gangliate alive Gaulite spear enters Rennes
Le deſſus ſang et glaiue par eſtrennes

refute tremble mea
[s]ure a Wheelers use renews where stolen fe[a]ture left
Feu trembler terre eau malheureuſe nolte
I weep for Nice, Monaco, Pisa, Genoa,
Savona, Siena, Capua, Modena, Malta:
For the above blood and sword for a New Year's gift
Fire, the earth will tremble, water an unhappy reluctance
Je pleure Niſſe Mannego Pize Gennes
Sauone Sienne Capue Modene Malte
Le deſſus ſang et glaiue par eſtrennes
Feu trembler terre eau malheureuſe nolte

L1:<SuNriSe Mean / naMe gone><iNSure SaMe Genez oPening><MeaNneSS go><oPening rule a Genes NemeSis> MeSSia GeneZ oPening><agnoMen (nickname) enGJnes puerileNeSS><MeSSine (Italian port) gennao (Italian port)>

L2: <Metal iS one uSa penanCe need> <eudeMon (benevolent demon) Cape nine Metals><niCene oneS uSa laMented><Mental / laMent Mode> <deMon Metal><MalteSe uendoMe penanCe>

L3: <SuSa enterS needLeSs legating><rennes get unaSSeSsed plaguer-ist> <Sussed languagiSt repeaterS><Susa SeedleSs>gangliate

L4: <uuhere Stolen era reFute trembler><uuhere true oneS Felt / leFt tremble><he reneuuS><true uSe on uuar-helm Fleet><reFute tolueneS>

1: puerileness, unassessed, legating, meanness, reneuus,
2: gangliate, opening, tumbler, Eudemon, Uendome, lessened, penance,
3: agnomen, seedless, jens,
4: -
5: UUheelers, Gaulite, pigeon, Maltese, aumale,
6: Nemean, refute,
7: lamented, toluenes, sunrise, needles, genez,
8: Petraeus, ligate, gennao, treble, Nicene,
9: -
10: -
11: repeaters, uuhere,
12: lament / mantle / mental, metals, Cenan, fleet,
13: seuuer, Neman, Rennes,
14: -
15: Messine / nemesis, enamel,
16: -
17: -
18: Messia, alum,
19: left / felt,
20: -
21: salute.
22: -
23: -

unassessed, legating, meanness, renews, gangliate, opening, toluenes, tumbler, Eudemon, Vendome, lessened, penance, seedless, agnomen, Gaulite, Wheelers, Maltese, where, pigeon, refute, lamented, Nicene, Nemean, Rennes, Petraeus, nemesis, pertain, Messia, felt.


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