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Nostradamus C10 Q61: In the 22ndC electrons and a further cataclysm create natural clones
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Mar 2023

The Pannonian verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesBarren Lady & family wars in Pannonia & Adriatic regionThis verse and the verse that follows it [C10Q62] are not only sequential in the context of the prophecies but have strong interconnections via the cipher for Panonnia. That cipher is displayed several times in Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to Henry and its repetition there forms the base for seeing the events where it is displayed as a single story line in both the Epistle and Nostradamus'verses.

The last line of text mentions that a conspiracy is uncovered by a matron which fits to the evolving story of the Barren Lady's involvement in the religous wars of the late 21st century.

 Nostradamus Verse C10 Q61 Barbarians Venetians Cornelius Conspirator Remorse Pannonias Barbaric LeagueThe story in this verse focuses on the details of the legends behind the events that trigger the 22nd cataclysm  while the companion verse reveals the historic inspiration behind the nastiness motivating the religious proponents involved in these tragic events.

The text of the current verse presents a list of places where the horrific weapons of modern times are used and that list is supplemented by place names in the anagrams. There are three that stand out namely Montreal (matrone L), Baux (aux B) and Brenac (rbance) with the last two names being places within walking distance of where Nostradamus lived in the period 1503 and the the mid 1520s. All three are located in south-western France.

Importantly Brenac and Baux are mentioned in other series linked to the three brothers and that link is based on the purported blood line of Christ and a belief that Mary Magdalene was his marital partner. These ideas are part of the legends of southern France and their inclusion relates to the location of a religous sect that persists into our time.

These threads are united by anagrams for codes pursue Tamar (de┼┐co_uuers p_ar mat), clones ( Les con) and cousin (s coniue) found in the ends of the last line of this verse. On the basis of this unexpectedly relevant cluster we once again trespass on a long enduring legend that a child of Christ and Mary Magdelene called Tamar settled with her mother and close relatives in southern France in the years after the crucifixion.

Betta, Vienna, Emorte, Sopron,
They will want to deliver Pannonia to the Barbarians
Enormous violence through pike and fire,
The conspirators discovered by a matron.
Betta Vienne Emorre Sacarbance
Voudront liurer aux Barbares Pannone
Par picque et feu enorme violance
Les coniurez deſcouuers par matrone
L1: brenac evitate bette arab caesar bran venetian remorse native

L2: <uuarier rapes barb><until an odour><arab devour><abarux spare none> round barba rare arxu vuord barer baux bear uvord arriue bares

L3: <clean omnivore> parlance fourteen paper iove olive

L4: <starmap codes><electrons pouuers><uuorse rampart>cornelius undersize tolerances montreal insolence prearms cupreous inclosure pursue mortar uprears close ruin cousin tamar(jesus daughter) matar scion eurus coins enclose enclones rezidue druze
1: undersize, omnivore, rezidue, evitate,
2: insolence, ramparts, starmap, uuarier, remorse, abrac, acrab,
3: parlance, venetian, abarux,
4: fourteen, rampart, druze, bette,
5: cornelius, inclosure, odour,
6: enclones, brenac, pursue, until,
7: -
8: native, baux,
9: cupreous, round, crab,
10: tolerances, matar, tamar,
11: cousin,
12: caesar,
13: montreal, vienna,
14: prearms, vienne,
15: devour,
16: pouuers, iove,
17: rotund, olive, arriue, parma,
18: uprears, ramps,
19: arcas,
20: enclose, uvord, vuord, arux, arxu,
21: -
22: srore,
23: -

undersize, omnivore, rezidue, evitate, insolence, ramparts, starmap, warier, remorse, Acrab, parlance, venetian, abarux, fourteen, rampart, Druze, Bette, Cornelius, inclosure, odour, enclones, Brenac, pursue, until, native, Baux, cupreous, round, crab, tolerances, Tamar, cousin, Caesar, Montreal, Vienna, prearms, devour, powers, Jove, rotund, olive, arriue, Parma, uprears, ramps, Arcas,  enclose, word.


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