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Nostradamus C10 Q63: A thousand years from 1700 includes euthanasia accidents, massive floods and renewal.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 10 Quatrain 63 In txt & angm the theme is about difficulties when treating casualties in remote and dangerous places. It focuses on the elements of reducing the suffering when supplies are short and the system is over burdened. The outcome is mercy killing by anesthesia for those who cannot be treated.This verse at both the text and the anagram levels is united by a single theme about the difficulties faced when treating casualties in remote and dangerous places such as those experienced by soldiers and hermits. It concentrates on the elements of reducing the suffering of the afflicted when supplies are short and the system is burdened to an extent beyond its normal stress capacity. The outcome of these conditions is mercy killing by anesthesia for those who cannot be treated.


Anagrams providing a frame for this verse include:

1. Chieron dragonry argues Castile thioarsenic actualise dangerous euthanasic ethic
2. Courtesans rue raider endemical accidents remedial resources citadens reclaimed
3. Fort lifts fields soldier pray mortar armor deed used hormone
4. Arable region begroan foreign fire Vermonts men seem source freeing grief
# Chieron: Chief Centaur in Gk mythology who they considered to be father of medicine, prophecy, music, archery and hunting. Tutor of Achilles.
Cydonia, Ragusa, the city of St. Jerome,
With healing help to grow green again:
King's son dead because of death of two heron
Arabia and Hungary will take the same course.
Cydron Raguſe la cite au ſainct Hieron
Reuerdira le medicant ſecours
Mort fils de Roy par mort de deux heron
L'Arabe Ongrie feront vn meſme cours.

Anagram Clusters contained in French text  ( ~ means full line used)

  1. <etHnic Crony><actualiSe nonHieratiC uSage> <eutHanaSic orienCy [enlightenment]><etHician actualiSe Dragonry uSe><Croydon aRgues actualiSe tHeir><antiHeroiC cauSe>Heroin Thioarsenic Sluicegate
  2. <courteSan reclaimed><Resource diStance><remedial accidentS> <~maledicent [slanderous] ResourceS arriued~><our endemical Sect raider><remedial deSSicant>
  3. <mortar he exuded R'deploys nitroform [anaesthetic chemical]><horMone uxed>soldieRy pRoarmy forMentor stifled 
  4. <Arable regiOn source><vermonts-men freeing ArboreaL-source><fOrebearing urALs come><vermontS-men bear nO grief><freeing urALS anarObe [zero oxygen bacteria]>foreign bArOnage

1: ARABLE-REGION, RECLAIMED, FOREBEARING, FOREIGN, HORMONE, STIFLED, GRIEF, FREEING, ANTIIHEROIC, MALEDICENT, nonhieratic / thioarsenic, Vermonts -men,  sluicegate, nitroform, ethician, Croydon, proarmy, ,
3: ETHNIC, CRONY, DANGEROUS, TIME-CALENDAR,coutances, theoric, oriency, anarobe,
6: courtesan, Cheiron, thrice, lifts, rurals, their, rift,
7: Dantsic, resource, Dryope, heroin, Hoenir,
8: octanes, arriued, slider, ethic,
9: counters, Arnebo,
10: Raouls,
11: refire,
12: arable, moron, comes, dry,
13: distance, exuded, glues, heron, direr,
14: Castile, closure, emerald,
15: -
16: deriue, ring,
17: dragonry, argues,
18: lift,
19: moon,
20: sources,
21: -
22: clause,
23: mortar, region, armor.

arable-region, thioarsenic, Vermonts -men, forebearing, antiheroic, maledicent, sluicegate, nitroform, reclaimed, ethician, Croydon, proarmy, hormone, stifled, foreign, freeing, grief, euthanasic, courtesans, accidents, endemical, soldiery, baronage, remedial, begroan, accents, Erigone, time-calendar, dangerous, theoric, oriency, anarobe, ethnic, crony, actualise, granules, soldier, usurer, formentor, resources, fields, raider, acid, Cheiron, thrice, lifts, rurals, their, rift, Dantsic, Dryope, Hoenir, octanes, arrived, ethic, counters, Arnebo,  Raouls, refire, moron, comes, distance, exuded, glues, direr, Castile, closure, emerald, deriue, ring, dragonry, argues, lift, moon, sources, clause, mortar, region, armor.

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