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Nostradamus C10 Q65: Computerisation of Christ's resurrection line into the 21st C
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Calamity verse series in Nostradamus' Prophecies

All eight of the agennos (unbegotten) anagram verses can be accessed through agennos quatrains.


This verse is one of the focal points of a major story told by Nostradamus in his Prophecies. It only needs a glance at its visible text to see that it has a religious theme and it takes just a little knowledge to conclude it reaches way back into religious history for its story of the churches future troubles based on faith in a resurrected Christ figure.


Nostradamus Prophecies Nuclear VersesBut this particular verse ties that religious connection to modernity through angarms for computerisation (r poinctu mis a to) and elements  actiniums ( inctu mis a t) and protactiniums ( r poinctu mis a t) which are in the actinides series.  The latter are radioactive minerals whose powers include those involved in the physical fabric of the universe.


The difficulty raised by their presence lies in them being radioactive elements with powers undreamed before the nineteenth century. Hence had no known source to relevant words other than those from ancient legends about magical fires and energy. Yet they are essential to the climax of Nostradamus' tale so they appear in parallel as anagrams within his main story line


Nostradamus   C10Q65 denounces agennos statusIn the Agennos verse series quatrains C10 Q65, C8 Q99 and C4 Q14 obviously relate to  the same religious story but they are also fundamental to the most modern nuclear settings influencing our near future.


In the first line of text in C10 Q65 we have ' O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches' while in the second line of C8 Q99 it says 'the sacred seat put in another place' and critically they agree on what it is that is ruined. 


The second line of C10 Q65 says ' not of the walls, of thy blood and substance' and the last two lines of C8 Q99 specify 'substance of body and spirit restored and received as the true seat'. The connection with the current verse C4 Q14 is via its religious anagrams with the reference to Gethsemanic and adjacent anagrams for agennos mortals being the most potent. I chose to pair C10 Q65 and C4 Q14 in the Agennos verses series because in addition the Jesus story line they share in their anagrams relates to its earliest days.


But the anagrams underneath are quite dramatic. They are also personal, complex and identifiable with a unique historical event as well as Nostradamus' personal struggle in presenting his case. His story is about the Nicean Council and its creation of a status of heresy for those who dared take a Gnostic view of Christ's birth. And yet it also is about Nostradamus' coding methods and his own struggles with the questions this Nicene' legacy leaves unanswered. 


Within the anagrams of this verse the ones for Nostredamus, encodements, status, denouncements, computerisation, perfection, actiniums, protactiniums and tremendous  state quite dramatically that Nostradamus' aim was to expose the fallacy in the 4th century Nicene doctrine surrounding the birth, death and lineage of Jesus.


So this verse although it tells the same story in both  text and anagrams as C8 Q99 it does so with a unique aspect. C8 Q99 relates the events back to the centuries following Jesus' death while C10 Q66 puts it in the environment that is uniquely that of our time. And he specifies how important the issues in these verses are to him personally by telling us the purpose behind his writing.


In constructing his verses Nostradamus used the original progression in his master copy and paired each verse with an unused verse from a later part of his centuries.

n this instance C1 Q05 from the master copy is transferred to C10 Q65 and the verse from that location was transferred to C1 Q05.


Both verses carried tell tale signs of their original location. These are apparent in the text and a key in the anagrams. And through anagrams for sensory abilities they are both tied to the evolutionary advance of our species in the next hundred years or so.


The story in the last 100 of the verses in his published work is clearly about the religious disruptions of the Christ cloene era while its anagrams saying Nostredamus encodement agennos status denouncement makes it the header of that story in Nostradamus pointers to what is to come later in our century. These pointers are logically located in the first 100 verses of his master copy.


O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches,
Not of thy walls, of thy blood and substance:
The one harsh in letters will make a very horrible notch,
Pointed steel driven into all up to the hilt.
O vaſte Romme ta ruyne s'approche
Non de tes murs de ton ſang et ſuſtance
L'aspre par lettres fera ſi horrible coche
Fer poinctu mis a tous juſques au manche.

Extra Info:

The element proactinium was given the name because it is the father of actinium, a radioactive element of short half-life. In some ways this reflects the issue of the God Jesus hierarchy.

Agennos is a major part of Nostradamus' vision for our future.

Anagram sequences found in the above lines of French text.

  1. <uneasy prop Stave echO><papers> <moRe mature yen OvateS><maumetry[Islamic] propanes OverhaSte> <OverheatS super-canopy>
  2. <noStredamus eNcodements denote Agennos StatuS><agennetoS StatuS eNcodements/ / deNouncements><noted tremendous agentS>
  3. <Sefira's letter> <latter paper refers> <hiS fear><appears><his bricoler [Fr. tinkerings] echo flatterers appareLs>
  4. <computerisation><manchu perFection><aqueuS tsunamic joust><juSus to actiniums><proactiniums><manchu Frontpiece>
1: computerisation, proactiniums, denouncements, supercanopy, Nostredamus, encodements, actiniums, flatterers, overhaste / overheats, tsunamic, maumetry, agennetos, Manchu, joust,
2: couenants, cochleas, tonnages, chapels, Sefiras, fetters, status, uneasy, Jusus,
3: frontpiece / perfection, tremendous, undermost, bricoler, cochlea, nascent, Maoist  Taoism, statues, cantus, Tuscan, ovates, jsus,
4: atmometer, reappeals, apparels,
5: copperas, denotes, guest,
6: connate, platter, Risha,
7: donates, dements, anury,
8: unsorted, agennos, latter / rattle,
9: reastounds, appears, Sumers,
10: propanes,
11: muster, denote, mutes,
12: averts, starve / vaster, Apeps, Cenan, vast,
13: chole, saleh,
14: detours, mature, vesta / stave, amuse,
15: -
16: alches, aqueus, uuaqes,
17: gets,
18: chopper, freest,
19: copperah, ruyn,
20: aunts, ussat,
21: letters, Shia,
22: horrible,
23: sefira,

agennos, agennetos, Nostredamus, encodement, status, denouncement, computerisation, perfection, super-canopy, actinium, proactinium, overheats, tsunami, joust, tremendous, propane, appears. flatterers, maumetry, Manchu, covenants, cochleas, tonnages, chapels, Sefiras, fetters, status, uneasy, Jusus, perfection, tremendous, undermost, bricoler, nascent, Maoist, Taoism, statues, cantus, Tuscan, ovates, jsus, atmometer, reappeals, apparels, denotes, guest,  unsorted, latter, reastounds, appears, Sumers, propanes, muster, vaster, Apeps, Cenan, detours, mature, stave, amuse, waqes, gets, chopper, freest, letters, Shia, horrible, Sefira.


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