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Nostradamus C10 Q67: Nordic Emblems and numeric ciphers used as part of Code.
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 Nostradamus Centuries 10 Quatrain 67 This verse relates to chemical fallout involving sodium  nitrate & bromate  that accompanies the geophysical events of the late 21st century. It also has coding clues related to the use of recurrent lettering.This verse relates to chemical fallout involving sodium  nitrate & bromate  that accompanies the geophysical events of the late 21st century.


It gives astronomic data to set the date of this event and provides the environmental setting to place that in the correct epoch.

It also has coding clues related to the use of recurrent lettering.


Anagrams giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Letter-N-emblem finest for misfortunate refutations nitrates-of sodium made
2. Etruscan bureau encapture natures peace timer beuuare Centaurs runestaf-C recur
3. Norseman manners annoy Navy Caucasiens envy USA
4. Bergamot bromate embargo largesse roles plugs roses un'que queu's

Very mighty trembling in month of May,
Saturn in Cap Jupiter & Mercury in Taurus
Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo,
Hail will fall larger than an egg.
Le tremblement ſi fort au mois de May
Saturne Caper Jupiter Mercure au beuf
Venus aussi Cancer Mars en Nonnay
Tombera greſſe lors plus groſſe qu'vn euf.
L1: <emblem misfortunate><eleme-ntary sodium><finest emblem><emblem refutations> yale

L2: <jur permit natures pace recur><auueber /beuuare runestaf cure timer><as jupiter encapture><bureau urn uuafts><as peace turn> etruscan meter centaur /untrace

L3: <none envy ann usa rearms><navy uuanes on manners><manners annoy><envy cuss-american usa><susa is norseman cancer>

L4: <lesser embargo><tomb largesse><bergamot reloses><plugs roses roles><bromate egress><oft m bear egress neuv squ'res>

1: MISFORTUNATE, EMBARGO, REFUTATIONS, SODIUM, UUAFTS, runstaf,   2: NAVY, ENCAPTURE, bregma, bergamot,  farmout,    3: NITRATES-OF,Tafurs,   3: NORSEMAN, RUNESTAF, BEUUARE, CENTAUR, PEACE,  5: ETRUSCAN, PARCENER, UUEB, EMBLEM,   6: MURAT, ANNOY, FINEST, BUREAU,   7: curare,    8: BARGE, ENVY, FOIST, BROMATE,    9: FAST,10:  EGRESS, PERMIT,   11: LARGESSE ,   12: EMPTIER, 13: - 14: - 15: -  16: REARMS,  17: -   18: LOSERS, recur,
19: -
20: amber,
21: -
22: -
23: tomb.

misfortunate, refutations, StraitOf, Bergamot, encapture, Norseman, rinestaf, embargo, FramOut, sodium, bromate, wafts, Etruscan, parcener, beware, Centaur, finest, emblem, timer, emptier, manners, annoy, peace, recur, losers, rearms, fast.

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