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Nostradamus C10 Q68: In 22ndC Ireland once again afflicted by poverty and invasion.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There is once again a consistency in this verse between text and anagrams with the anagrams delivering much of the detail that is missing from the text. We know from the text that it involves the sea, an army, a city, a departure and a return. The anagrams in the first line tell us the sea is the Atlantic, while the anagram for Emerald (isle), supported by one for Ireland, tells us the country that is besieged. The anagrams for pauperist league in the second line identify a period in the 1840's when the Irish poor Laws were enacted. The text suggests the army will one day return return while the anagrams imply this will be because the Irish forge links with Iran.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

emerald Ireland redeem Atlantic unaltered nautical lattice
L'armee de mer deuant la cite tiendra

regional trains afire pauperist league foresail Paris longer airstrips
Puis partir ſans faire longue alee

astrogeny endangers androgynes repredicant Dryope (Apollo's lover) enter
Citoyens grande proye en terre prendra

mendable route rerun careless peers endanger named rebel enroute
Retourner claſſe reprendre grand emblee.

# astrogeny: theory on evolution of the heavenly bodies.
The army of the sea will stand before the city,
Then it will leave without making a long passage:
A great flock of citizens will be seized on land,
Fleet to return to seize it great robbery.
L'armee de mer deuant la cite tiendra
Puis partir ſans faire longue alee
Citoyens grande proye en terre prendra
Retourner claſſe reprendre grand emblee.
  1. <nautical re-aLarm redeemed><retained atlantic><enumerated emeraLd lattice><~ireLand remade tactile aunt redeem~> unrelated / unaltered
  2. <iranS gun parts foresail><regional airStrips fans><lone Pauperist league>longer afire
  3. <aCrid [bitter] eye ponder astrogeny [evolution of universe]> <panderer reenter> endangers
  4. <Reroute mendable><Rebel regard / gerard mend route clearneSS> gendarme repreSS careleSS
1: pauperist, airstrips, mendable, redeemed,
2: androgynes, enumerated, Atlantic, clearness,
3: repredicant, foresail,
4: ponderary, regional, Israfel, bedamn,
5: nautical, starpair, Priapus, eyedrop, careless,
6: astrogeny, unaltered, unrelated, piapus,
7: upstair, Dryope,
8: carless, farsi,
9: endangers, ponder,
10: alienor, acrid,
11: realarm, repress, league,
12: lattice / tactile, stoney, rerun,
13: Gerard / regard,
14: emerald, longer, redeem,
15: -
16: gendarme, rapist, refail,
17: -
18: enroute, reroute, yesno,
19: -
20: lardan,
21: -
22: retained, rebel,
23: panderer, Sefira.

pauperist, airstrips, mendable, redeemed, androgynes, enumerated, Atlantic, clearness, repredicant, foresail, ponderary, regional, Israfel, bedamn, nautical, starpair, Priapus, eyedrop, careless, astrogeny, unaltered, unrelated, piapus, upstair, Dryope, carless, farsi, endangers, ponder, alienor, acrid, realarm, repress, league,  lattice, stoney, rerun, regard, emerald, longer, redeem, gendarme, rapist, refail,  enroute, reroute, yesno, lardan, retained, rebel, panderer, Sefira.

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