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Nostradamus C10 Q70: New species of man evolves as floodwaters decline and the earth is reborn.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

'The fields watered will come to shrink' is Nostradamus way of stating that this verse deals with the end of the great flood era while the first line tells us the unique attribute of the new ape is based on the ability to see. The end of the flood era is brought about by the world once more settling into stable hot and cold zones which is found in the second line of text. And the last line of text implies that old-style (current) man will die out in Italy (3787).

The significance of the first line is that it implies the next stage of evolution involves a form of seeing that requires a further swelling of the human brain. In order for life to survive man's legacy from primitive being has to be addressed. It is likely the next creatures that take life into the greater universe have a higher degree of prescient capability than current man.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

Leo April aerobic orb after leafleteer let Excelsior lance exorcise scenarios
L'oeil par obiect fera telle excroiſſance

agent treat Dante quadrante umbrate bear antigene Algerian lineage regainable
Tant et ardante que tumbera la neige

each map unrevised paramours envied endear encoders considers deaconries accession chances
Champ arrouſe viendra en deſcroiſſance

peril primate psalterium accumber area [s]equel agree
Que le primat succumbera a Rege
Through an object the eye will swell very much,
Burning so much that the snow will fall,
The fields watered will come to shrink,
As the primate succumbs at Reggio.
L'oeil par obiect fera telle excroiſſance
Tant et ardante que tumbera la neige
Champ arrouſe viendra en deſcroiſſance
Que le primat succumbera a Rege
L1: <fear boracite let clone pile excel><after april obiect>exorcises sixscore(120) polar aerobic scenarios sarcosine narcosis tell excelsior leafleteer sensical celaeno croix iob loeil laferte oasis

L2: tetrad<blood moon cycle><aegineta real><ardent algerian><quadrante mute bear lineage at tent> regainable uuet umbrate antigene alien marble equant arable anael raelian elarab alan

L3: <scans rouse phrama consider reinvade><chances map unrevised><is encoders><vapouriser neared end><each map narcosis reascend> scenarios sarcosine inversed paramours uproars score achem deaconries considers adrienne endears oasis

L4: <psalterium agree accumber(encumber)><greeq area succumb impart><cucumber area>bear rage primates peril priam septarium aim agree pictures accumber cucu(peter the hermit) greeq ucsc primates repel emperial imparts peurile
1: vapouriser, regainable, excelsior, exorcises, accumber, unrevised, leafleteer, boracite, sixscore,
2: deaconries, accession, aegineta, chances, aerobic, umbrate, impart, greeq,
3: psalterium, obiect, Celaeno, Ileana,
4: paramours, considers, quadrante, consider, Algerian, imparts, chance,
5: paramour, primates, antigene, reascend, Laferte / reflate, excel,
6: tetrad, uuet,
7: Sarcosine / scenarios, (2x), encoders, Raelian,
8: uproars, lineage, peurile,
9: narcosis (2x), sensical, croix, proba, Priam,
10: -
11: Achem,
12: emperial, arable, Elarab, Anael,
13: Adrienne,
14: -
15: -
16: -
17: Parma, oasis (2x),
18: scans (2x),
19: -
20: amber (2x), mast,
21: marble, decors / coders / scored, agree,
22: -,
23: cleans / lances.

Key Ideas:

vapouriser, regainable, Excelsior, deaconries, unrevised, psalterium, exorcises, accession, leafleteer, boracite, accumber, SixScore, paramours, considers, quadrante, chances, consider, aerobic, umbrate, scenarios, Algerian, primates, narcosis, antigene, object, sensical, chance.


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