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Nostradamus C10 Q71: New men will be considered Gods when the seas freeze over.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The interprations given to the previous verse emerge in clearer form in the current verse's text. The anagrams for 'readings relate sorting genitors drainages and apertura preserva'l suggest the eye in the previous verse still utilises light. In this last section there are several verses that offer a distant source as the origin of DNA that brings about this species mutation. See the the last four (of fifteen) occurrences of Rigel (Orion) at C10 Q45, C10 Q71, C10 Q85 and C10 Q96 for more on this theme.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

alter Terra relate Grail Rigel role restoring genitors readings
La terre et l'air gelleront ſi grand eau

no invader proud never envied l[i]quors role
Lors qu'on viendra pour jeudi venerer

Jamesian enfuse bits quiesce quake queries
Ce qui ſera jamais ne feut ſi beau

pasturer lives preserval environed North on Norn deer squat
Des quatre pars le viendront honnorer
The earth and air will freeze a very great sea,
When they will come to venerate Thursday
That which will be never was it so fair,
From the four ways they will come to honor it.
La terre et l'air gelleront ſi grand eau
Lors qu'on viendra pour jeudi venerer
Ce qui ſera jamais ne feut ſi beau
Des quatre pars le viendront honnorer
L1: <readings relate air alter><stronger guardian> sorting genitors drainages reletter restoring stranding grail adulate rigel roasting allege trail string ingots laureate

L2: <uuord pair><never injured><european driven><squadron role> vied jouuer pardon invader jude uproar renee juried uvide

L3: <aims ajar><famines suite> jamesian maia quiesce bits queries aries jeras bestia bites ajam enfuse jasmina manias

L4: <prevailers squat on north end><evil rapes>< order><personal quarters> silver servile thoron thorn squared quarts hot vesperal norn reviles levi apertura environed preserval
1: prevailers,
2: preserval, jamesian, vesperal, string, juried,
3: stranding, adulate, quarts, jouuer, jeras, ajar,
4: restoring, roasting, storing, sorting, quiesce, thoron, livers, silver, squat,
5: genitors, reviles, servile,
6: famines, squared, bestia,
7: quorrels, drainage, reletter, north, thorn,
8: drainages, apertura, quisce,
9: environed, ajam, jera,
10: uvide, vuide, jude, jam,
11: uueacq,
12: nonvaried,
13: -
14: enfuse, grail, lagir, order,
15: queries, quatr, bites, legir, rigel,
16: bits,
17: -
18: never,
19: renee,
20: busiet,
21: risque, quries, squire,
22: aima, maia,
23: -

preserval, stranding, Jamesian, prevailers, restoring, vesperal, Jasmina, genitors, , nonvaried, drainages, environed, stored, silver, Thoron, quiesce, juried, adulate, Rigel, string, apertura, squared, bits, enfuse, North, grail, order.


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