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Nostradamus C10 Q83: Ships designed to carry corpses are attacked by protestors.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C10 Q83 England cargo routes and engine design cause debate at a time when adrogenesis is also an issueOnce again this is a verse about death and it is consistent with many of the verses in this the last section of Nostradamus' prophecies. In this instance this ritual involves the placing of the dead on ships to be returned to their place of birth. It carries a reference to a practise that arises in England whereby special engines are designed to ensure any lethal emissions are retracted during transport. To further limit the risk the bodies are shipped with the sparsest of shrouds so that these cannot be used either to perpetuate the menace or for the purpose of holding others to ransom.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Iller androgenesis debate adorn serene era engines design
2. Parques (Fates) connectors concentrate ordinates heritors shroud stored instead
3. Non-regulated routes encourages England single engines cargo lines
4.Romans aquifers frame mattered ousted sameliness
The signal to give battle will not be given,
They will be obliged to go out of the park:
The banner around Gand will be recognized,
Of him who causesl his followers to be put to death.
De batailler ne ſera donneſigne
Du parc ſeront contraint de ſortir hors
De Gand lentour ſera cogneu l'enſigne
Qui fera mettre de tous le ſiens amors.
  1. <~iller radon engineS Seen abateD~><none Sign redSea ill Debate><~reaSoned Debate enn a iller sign~><none abnegateD [renounced] ill Serenader><androgeneSis [male parent only] Detainable><nonDeSigned abate>
  2. <rioterS caperS / Scrape shrouD><nonretractionS Sorted><train connectorS Sorted><concentratorS trained> heritorS Sedation conSecrator cornerS nitrated inStead
  3. <enGland neeD Single cargo routes><encourageS nonreGulated Design><engineS GlaDden><our entanGled lineS encourageS> <lineS enGaged encourage tourS>
  4. <romans aQuifers><Sensualise to deter><matter deter soul><outed Sameliness><aQuifer morass> Solutes ransoms

Table listing anagram occurrences (1-23) in Nostradamus' Prophecies

  1.  1: consecrator, abnegated, non-designed, detainable, concentrators, non-regulated, 'cargo routes', gladden, 'Romans aquifers', sameliness
  2. 2: abated, heritors  corners, connectors, sedation, England, entangled, engaged
  3. 3: debate, cargo
  4. 4: androgenesis, non-retractions, nitrated, encourage, aquifers
  5. 5: reasoned, shroud, encourages, ransoms
  6. 6: serenader, morass
  7. 7: -
  8. 8: ordinates
  9. 9: design, aquifer
  10. 10: -
  11. 11: -
  12. 12:engines, frame,
  13. literal,
  14. -
  15. storied, single, serener,
  16. cog
  17. rioters, detain,
  18. solutes, instead,
  19. ensign,
  20. aligned, beat,
  21. ousted, Amos.
  22. -
  23. -

Key Ideas:

England, design, engines, concentrate, non-regulated, cargo, routes, similar, Roman aquifers, debate, heritors, encourage, shroud, nitrated, reasoned, rioters, ransom, morass, sameliness, instead, corners, connectors, androgenesis, non-retractions, nitrated, encourage, aquifers, serenader, morass, ordinates, frame, literal, storied, single, cog, serener, rioters, solutes, detai, aligned, beat, Amos, ensign, ousted.


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