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Nostradamus C10 Q84: Religious arguments embroil those whose belief Nostradamus shared.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus takes a dispassionate view of mans demise at the hands of a race spawned from future cloning methods.

The anagram for Bardesanes refers to a 2nd century Syriac gnostic who was a scientist, scholar, astrologer, philosopher and poet who was also renowned for his knowledge of India. The following extract from Wikipedia shows his relevance to the issues of a resurrected Christ and a new cloned race with superior abilities to man.

[Bardesanes] certainly denied the resurrection of the body and so far as we can judge by the obscure quotations from his hymns furnished by Ephrem he explained the origin of the world by a process of emanation from the supreme God whom he called the Father of the living.

In the second line there are two distinct sequences involving Bardesanes. They say Bardesanes era enclosing (cloing ne ſ -era - ſans debar) and genes Bardesanes ( g ne ſe - ra ſans deb)

This name can also be found as an anagram in C6 Q85.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

alas natural rule seal his nonhabitual [v]ault
La naturelle a ſi hault non bas

farmer notices astromantic contaminaters consistent trader four alerts
Le tard retour fera martis contens

Bardesanes era enclosing engines cloning genes
Le Recloing ne ſera ſans debarz

stout son patterned peasant-implement parented implant
En empliant et perdant tout ſon temps
The illegitimate girl so high, high, not low,
The late return will make the grieved ones contend
The Reconciled One will not be without debates,
In employing and losing all his time.
La naturelle a ſi hault non bas
Le tard retour fera martis contens
Le Recloing ne ſera ſans debarz
En empliant et perdant tout ſon temps
L1: <el runatal nonhabitual>< seal><natural bans allies not haul><alas australien-hell> ailanthus basal uranate rule natal aslant sabon shia alan neutral

L2: <let arm four retard consistent era><farmer traderoute><astromantic trader furore><alters its consent><romantics fear our><racist farmer><section four retreated><it alters consent> airstream detour istar contaminaters aromatics narcotism tamar jesus dau t

L3: <seeing bear><enclosing areas based><lazer engines>genres badness bardesanes clio brazed cloning blazer recoil nasa ecoli bends corneille(agrippa) de-sabran ensign

L4: <tauton patterned><patterned on stout><pens implement><pliant men depart> planet-time implant parented patient unrotated impel peter latin meton metons predate planettime
1: contaminaters, nonhabitual, astromantic, consistent, ailanthus, aromatics, traderoute,
2: planettime, enclosing, Bardesanes, corneille, patterned, airstream, cloning, blazer,
3: narcotism / romantics, implant, natural / runatal, brazed,
4: cistron, patient, lazer,
5: unrotated, badness, farmer, bends,
6: predate, nablas,
7: consents, stepmen,
8: pliant, luton,
9: -
10: patent, furore, basal, matar, tamar, based,
11: recoil, ecoli,
12: parented, engines, sabon, clio, frame,
13: notices, section, racist,
14: allies,
15: retard, trader, crist,
16: bonn,
17: -
18: uranate, leanest, aslant, bans,
19: ensign, bared, bread,
20: consent, stout,
21: Shia,
22: -
23: impel,

Key Ideas:

nonhabitual, astromantic, contaminaters, consistent, ailanthus, aromatics, enclosing, airstream, Bardesanes, patterned, cloning, unrotated, narcotism, implant, natural, badness, consent, predate, badness, notices, farmer, parented, patient, engines, patent, furore, frame, Shia, recoil.


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