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Nostradamus C10 Q86: New apes are often albinos with red eyes whose mental powers make them militarily invincible.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The gryphon which is the subject of the first line of text is a legendary creature that guards divine power. As such it is in keeping with the status of the new species of ape that lies behind the stories in this section of N's Prophecies. There is an anagram for albino in the last line that pairs with the white ones in the text of the third line. One of the common colours for the eyes of an albino is red thus giving even greater reconciliation with the third line. The eyes are one aspect of the new species that Nostradamus focuses on and he also does this in C10 Q70.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Europe commune g[o]vern phony invader role dye nonvaried
Comme vn gryphon viendra le roy d'Europe

conical map exudence gained AlQuid lion CampaignCode
Accompaigne de ceux d'Aquilon

Pope red rogues begets clans conc[e]als albescent table scans  arrang[e]d
De rouges et blancz conduira grand troppe

yet entry irony electron role dye albino babe
Et yront contre le roy de Babilon
Like a griffin will come the King of Europe,
Accompanied by those of Aquilon
He will lead a great troop of red ones and white ones
And they will go against the King of Babylon.
Comme vn gryphon viendra le roy d'Europe
Accompaigne de ceux d'Aquilon
De rouges et blancz conduira grand troppe
Et yront contre le roy de Babilon
L1: <phony vein><invader role>< recouped> ireland commvne europe gvern yod learned mem deroye

L2: conical uxed quail decaeing polonium quai exudence caudex campo deducex aquilon campaigncode

L3: rigaud giraud tables begets albescent best begets arraign prop subelongate pope rogues belt belts bet beset

L4: <entry boil not electron> troy croton elytron olbia babi abib albi tonyblair bade yod yet tyre deroye albion albino
1: subelongate, recouped, phony,
2: commvne, conical, decaeing, babi, abib,
3: albescent, elytron, begets, olbia,
4: exudence, giraud, rigaud,
5: campaigncode, albino, albion, noph,
6: arraign,
7: -
8: belts, entry, babe,
9: deroye, deroye, pope,
10: -
11: aquid, quida,
12: nonvaried, tables, stable,
13: caudex, campo,
14: gvern,
15: boil,
16: albi, bali,
17: gained, coca,
18: table, beset,
19: -
20: -
21: belt, tyre,
22: croton, recoup, europe,
23: -

subelongate, recouped, phony,commvne, conical, babi, albescent, begets, exudence, giraud, rigaud, campaigncode, albino / albion,  arraign, belts, entry, babe, pope, nonvaried, tables, caudex,  gained, beset, belt, Tyre, Europe, recoup.

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