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Nostradamus C10 Q88: Radioelements endorsed to fill naive dreams of saving oceans.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C10 Q88 Marseilles production of rare radioelements couses world-wide alarmThis verse continues the advance of the new species of ape who are looked on as superreal and welcomed in the belief the offer hope for rescuing the earth from the ravages of mankind. The anagrams tell us the real picture underpinning peoples dreams that the new species is man's Messia. The realism is that the species of man is coming to an end as the fourth millennium draws to a close.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Encode all as pelletized_oceans etch evil veil
2. Alarm not refer to part Vestian venerates;  instate stave to reframe
3. Rare-Radioelements enter Poles; Israel read ill  Messia dream
4. Superrealism curse yeasts simplest agents psammites ampler tonnages
Foot and Horse at the second watch,
They will make an entry devastating all by sea
Within the port of Marseilles he will enter,
Tears, cries, and blood, never times so bitter.
Piedz et Cheual a la ſeconde veille
Feront entree vaſtient tout par la mer
Dedans le poil entrera de Marſeille
Pleurs crys et ſang onc nul temps ſi amer.
L1: <alas encode all evil hue><oceans ill><dezpite allan codes> deacons eve pelletized second once solace lasal encodes levi dnoces ascella ezpied

L2: <alarm natives><venerate farmer><enter stave to put intent> veterans vast frame not instate palmature enervates vesta averse ferron vestian vista alarmer part venerates venter partula tonne

L3: <israel made><planes rare radioelements><armies dead><ill deed enter> rare-radioelements sadden pelion palinodes realism repletion rearmed neapolis pleione epsilon dreams lands retard oeil erasmi marseille trader

L4: <superrealism agents cry><remap misspelt rules><simplest use ampler> apsis scry messia psammites repulser amiss aim marie tonnages nomenclature pamiers impresa cryses missa iames gaston impass impasse meissa repel erasmi emperial scruple scurry
1: rare-radioelements, psammites, repletion, misspelt, simplest, enervates, venerate,
2: pelletized, palinodes, neapolis, tonnages, natives, vestian, vainest, pleione, impass,
3: prerelation, palmature, dezpite, epsilon, vncode, scurry, nervate, veteran,
4: superrealism, ezpied, rearmed, reframe, cryses, vista, lasal,
5: scruple, repulser, impasse, ascella, gaston, chute,
6: veterans, pelion,
7: -
8: -
9: marseille, save,
10: apsis,
11: deacons, alarmer, realarm,
12: emperial, encode, ferron, frame, scry, vast,
13: etche,
14: realism, stave, vesta,
15: solace, oceans, retard, trader, alla,
16: amiss, missa, averse,
17: encodes, instate, dearer, reader, reared,
18: messia, meissa, cry,
19: impresa, pamiers, errant,
20: dreams,
21: -
22: -
23: deaden,

rareradioelements, psammites, repletion, misspelt, simplest, enervates, venerate, pelletized, palinodes, Neapolis, tonnages, natives, Vestian, vainest, Pleione, prerelation, palmature, dezpite, epsilon, vncode, scurry, nervate, veteran, superrealism, ezpied, rearmed, reframe, cryses, vista, scruple, repulser, impasse, Ascella, gaston, chute, veterans, pelion, Marseille, save, apsis, deacons,  emperial, encode, ferron, frame, scry, vast,realism, stave, solace, oceans, retard, trader, Alla, amiss,  averse, encodes, instate, reader, Messia, cry, Pamiers, errant, dreams.

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