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Nostradamus C10 Q89: Utopian conditions mislead people into believing in renewal of the Earth's abundance.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse is part of a series linking an Essenean-like sect of the first century CE to a story of murder during a marriage. (See C.4 Q.71 for more).

The text of this verse talks of seven and fifty pacific years, numbers which were of particular inportance to the Therapeutas, a sect that led a rebellion in the first century of the Christian era. The anagrams hold rare references to a bride, and a murderess thereby swapping the text to anagram relation found in its companion verse.

The sect revered the number 7 and its square, but the most sacred of numbers was 50.

Within the anagrams the word quittance can be found and as it refers to the absolving of debt the presence of anagrams for debits and debts suggest they have collective purpose rather than being the products of chance.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

bride Queen bear name Norse seer stolen suited disturbed murderess
De brique en marbre ſeront les murs reduits

space antennae escape if Tennesean quin quittance
Sept et cinquante annees pacifiques

USA humaniser love equal wide educit (Lat:to raise up) joy
Joie aux humains renoue Laqueduict

[e]s cit[e] joy e[s]teem qualifies simple guarantees quantifies dangers
Sante grandz fruict joye et temps melifique
The walls will be converted from brick to marble,
Seven and fifty pacific years
Joy to mortals, the aqueduct renewed,
Health, abundance of fruits, joy and mellifluous times
De brique en marbre ſeront les murs reduits
Sept et cinquante annees pacifiques
Joie aux humains renoue Laqueduict
Sante grandz fruict joye et temps melifique

L1: <murderess briDe suit queen> <enquire beD suit murderess><surer equine arm Disturbed> <stolen briDe suit queen murders> sumers duties / suited urs bearerS

L2: <tennesean quittance><antennae pacifies><cite Step if anne escape quintan (fever)>

L3: <equaLed reunions humax> <norse ainhum> unharmonise humaniser

1: unharmonise, quantifies, qualifies, subedited, Tennesean, dangerz, antennae, murders,
2: giantesque, disturbed, liquefies, pacifies, murderess, antenna, brides / debris, escape,
3: quittance, humaniser, sapience, uranism, steepest, equaled,
4: guarantees, reunions, enquire, debits, Qanun,
5: Sumerian, regnant, tempts, debts, bride,
6: spica, sinner, uuide,
7: equants, tempest,
8: subedit, neaten,
9: neurons, Sumer's, neume,
10: antiques,
11: quintan, bearers, joy, jot, jot,
12: negates,
13: equine, tempt,
14: impels / simple,
15: duties / suited,
16: capes / space,
17: queans,
18: diuerts,
19: marines / remains, rename,
20: septet,
21: queen,
22: unseat, incq, caps,
23: senate,

Key Ideas:

quantifies qualifies, Tennesean, dangerz, antennae, murders, giantesque, disturbed, liquefies, pacifies, murderess, brides, escape, humaniser, guarantees, debits, quittance, enquire, Sumerian, reunions, regnant, bride, debts, sinner, neurons, neaten, bearers, simple, joy, negates, equine, space, tempt, queen, unseat, senate, duties.


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