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Nostradamus C10 Q92: Ideologues use genetic tools to achieve ethnic goals.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse suggest ite belongs to the era of great floods amidst science advances in human cloning techniques. It also gives good reason to believe its relates to the tale of distorted genetic technology within the central eastern Europea region. In the text there is emphasis on the child dying before the father and it is only in unuusual circumstnaces that such a comment has any impact. The father dying between ropes of rushes provides the texts allusion to the floods. There are sequences in the last two line's anagrams that may define the wording in the text for they say pious gene true treasure converting ethnical memo. From this it is possible to see the gene manipulation of various groups becoming a control strategy for ideologues.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

unadulterate planet fasten repellent stature
Deuant le pere l'enfant ſera tue

Serpent represent decoders icon repel ape -recent creed prepares
Le pere apres entre cordes de jonc

even pious poise releases pulse repulse Wester gene 
Geneuois peuple ſera eſuertue

Vermont cognisant giants ethnical family contrasting evil commune
Giſant le chief au milieu comme vn tronc
Before his father the child will be killed,
The father afterwards between ropes of rushes
The people of Geneva will have exerted themselves,
The chief lying in the middle like a log.
Deuant le pere l'enfant ſera tue
Le pere apres entre cordes de jonc
Geneuois peuple ſera eſuertue
Giſant le chief au milieu comme vn tronc.
L1: <uuatered planet><fasten repellent> deuu satureant antares replete stature treats unadulterate neuudate enfants

L2: <represent decoders era><j p clone><prepare ><leonjc deeds><present record seed><serpent record era> consjdered centres repel reenters

L3: <pious gene true><treasure suppliese> peplus peleus sleep uterus lepers repulse uuaterers pleasure release eugene suture reuse uuester supple

L4: <converting chainlets><casing vermont><chile cognisant>contrasting evil-commune ethnical giants salient stealing uuiliem helice casting cing lii aimful cisleithan(austrian) famuli(closeattendant) lasting cings mem chief elastin genitals
1: evil-commune, contrasting, unadulterate, converting, Cisleithan, consjdered, cognisant, chainlets, scoring, aimful,
2: ethnical, commvne, repellent, decoders, lasting, Vermont,
3: casting, represent,
4: uuatered, casing, giants, prepare,
5: stealing, uuaterers, helice, fasten, recode, Eugene,
6: centers / centres, record,
7: UUiliaem, neuu-date, replete, chief, Chile,
8: stature,
9: UUiliem, repulse,
10: recodes, uterus / suture,
11: austerer / treasure,
12: -
13: Antares, pious,
14: pleasure, milieu, planet, austere (2x), release,
15: releases,
16: reenters,
17: Latins, gains,
18: present / serpent,
19: lancet,
20: -
21: decors / coders / scored, center / centre / recent,
22: -

unadulterate, EvilCommune, contrasting, Cisleithan, converting, cognisant, ethnical, chainlets, repellent, scoring, decoders, casting, Vermont, represent, Wiliaem, NewDate, giants, prepare, austere, pleasure, centers, pious, coders, release, planet.


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