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Nostradamus C10 Q97: Protestors are captured, fattened and sold for profits to North Sea traders.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse relates to events much later in the flood cycle when the new apes are emerging and the world is undergoing a mild recovery. The anagrams suggest the protests against the new species bring out protestors. Hovever the protestors hold to their faith and react with politeness. This fits to the picture painted by other verses such as C10 Q45.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

mere politeness outset at age pact rift fit
Triremes pleines tout aage captif

Allemand allowed maturer pow[e]rs mutter mute mat[t]er temp[t]s Sabon
Temps bon a mal le doux pour amertume

arab protestors set Northsea thrones troop reports another osprey fattens profits
Proye a Barbares trop tost ſeront haſtifs

pumice provided plain adventure eventual avenue planet pall untraveled
Cupid de veoir plaindre au vent la plume.
Triremes full of captives of every age,
Good time for bad, the sweet for the bitter
Prey to the Barbarians hasty they will be too soon
Anxious to see the feather wail in the wind.
Triremes pleines tout aage captif
Temps bon a mal le doux pour amertume
Proye a Barbares trop tost ſeront haſtifs
Cupid de veoir plaindre au vent la plume.
L1: <setout line perimeters><a pact fit age> gaea sleep aguacate politeness stout cage metrifier premise

L2: <meet true amour> xp allemand maturer aamon pox omana sabon mutter

L3: <rest not arab protestors osprey faiths><so barbara protest set><bayore arab reports northeast post><shorten protests> arrest prostrate throne troops anothers profits thorn athis fattish thrones arrest spot barest stop faiths tops bear fasti

L4: <in april read><plain avenue red planet><eventual cue>< provided>provided pall ireland untraveled peculium(special fund) eridanu vau paul unvaried levant iove died cup
1: protestors, pumice, untraveled, politeness, peculium, metrifier, Allemand, protests, fattish, profits, faiths,
2: north-east, prostrate,
3: adventure, eventual,
4: another, Barbara, Bayore, ,
5: North-Sea, protest, troops, maturer, Levant, Aamon / Omana, plum,
6: Osprey, mutter, rift,
7: unvaried, north / thorn,
8: avenue,
9: thrones / shorten, troop, plume, mall,
10: post / stop / spot / tops / opts, cage,
11: -
12: breast / barest, penile, Sabon, fiats,
13: throne,
14: reports, planet, mature, plant,
15: -
16: Iove,
17: -
18: pox,
19: empires / premise,
20: stout, died, Vau,
21: -
22: arum,
23: -

untraveled, Allemand, protestors, politeness, northeast, prostrate, fattish, fails, adventure, eventual, profits, Northsea, raider plan, faiths, protest, maturer, Levant, Aamon, Osprey, mutter, north, avenue, shorten, mall, troops, plume, barest, fiats, reports, mature, plant, Jove, planet, premise, sout, pox, died.


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