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Nostradamus C10 Q98: A queen depends on ruffians who have killed her majestic lover.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse refers to the person who serves as Nostradamus vector for seeing the invasion of France in the 21st C. The setting of the text fits to an age of turmoil where many cities are now underwater. The universal monster refrence may well be applied to the arrival of DNA in space objects that are part of the story of that time period. The anagrams for Oedipus and Caesareum provide the allusion for a queen whose imperial lover is killed causing her to turn against her own parents.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

palls endure cruel air ape pleas unrecalled Joel clue use joy 
La ſplendeur claire a pucelle joyeuſe

Yule pray Pauls longest tempers Empress eras Luneless arenas
Ne luyra plus long temps ſera ſans ſel

Oedipuses fine soul charm ruffians anarch cause
Auec marchans ruffiens loups odieuſe

Plutos solemnest steps Vermont's melees meets  universe resolute inventors
Tous peſte meſle monſtre vniuerſel.
For the merry maid the bright splendor
Will shine no longer, for long will she be without
With merchants, bullies, wolves odious,
All confusion universal monster.
La ſplendeur claire a pucelle joyeuſe
Ne luyra plus long temps ſera ſans ſel
Auec marchans ruffiens loups odieuſe
Tous peſte meſle monſtre vniuerſel.
L1: <joel clue><palls enure><cruel air><please use up cell>< palls>under joy joyeuse(bourbon 1600s) cured unelapsed unrecalled aerial ariel curled uncleared lapses cup

L2: <ray pulls on><longest eras><unearly empress> pauls epulary leanness unreally yule soul plurals nasa areas

L3: <opus dei cause ruffians soul march><opus dei lines use>so funfairs oedipuses uuoodpiles soul anarchs sod enif caesareum(1540 ed) fife poised

L4: <vermonts melees to upset><inventors ruse><louts seem pest><spout solemn esteem><universe omen rest> semele investrure solemnest vintners steps omens outerlines lemnos monster metons spouse reuse solutes resolute invert investure
1: uuoodpiles, unrecalled, Oedipuses, funfairs, ruffians, unreally,
2: uncleared, Vermonts, Caesareum, Oedipus / Opus Dei,
3: vintners, anarchs, unearly,
4: outer-lines, plurals, leanness, upsets,
5: solemnest, universe,
6: poised, palls,
7: inventors, epulary, empress, esteems, pulls, Joel, fife,
8: longest, curled,
9: inverts, esteem,
10: unelapsed, routeless, anarch, ruly,
11: resolute, spout, joy,
12: -
13: cured / crude, melees / Semele,
14: invert, runas,
15: solmnest, elusion, aeria, furs,
16: -
17: aerial,
18: solutes,
19: -
20: -
21: -
22: solute, lessen,
23: rspouse,

Oedipuses, ruffians, unrecalled, outerlines, uncleared, Vermonts, anarchs, solemnest ,plurals, Caesareum, universe, inventors, longest, routeless, unelapsed, crude, esteem, lessen, joy, Empress, epulary, upsets, Joel, spouse, aerial, solute, cured, fife.


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