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Nostradamus C10 R100: N's treatment of the constraints his patrons religious embargoes imposed.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C10 Q100 English religious empire impacted by reappraisal of Pentacost eventsThis verse is placed at this crucial position to satisfy a request made by one of his patronesses. It is unrepentantly a praise of England but its anagrams contain an apology for the things not said in the Prophecies. The anagrams are the key with their strength being in the reference to poems, preselections, silence and patronesses consent. The patroness is likely to have been someone Nostradamus met on a real level but not necessarily. In this verse he delivers a cursory summary giving the broad scope of Britain's future and in the process apologises for using Saint Amand (and not Melaine) of Rennes as his capstone.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Gendarme gentle reprimand named elegant reappraiser
2. P
oem preselections mandates coresidents madness silences cronies
3. Greater meter reappraise grander codes
4. Sullies patroness insinuates Tunisians sustain Pentacost unsaintliness
The great empire will be for England,
The all-powerful one for more than 300 years
Great forces to pass by sea and land,
The Lusitanians will not be satisfied thereby.
Le grand empire sera par Angleterre
Le pempotam des ans plus de trois cens
Grandes copies paſſer par mer et terre
Les lusitains n'en ſeront pas contens.
L1: <argental premieres reenlarged><reappraise named> reprimand gentler gendarme enlarger dampen

L2: <poem tamed preselections span><plans used poem preselections><silences stored><poem dissector plus spleen mandates> esoteric coresidents secretion tempo maenads

L3: <tamperer regret repasses codes pi ran> scope prearm

L4: <unsaintliness patroness consent><inornateness sullies consent><capstone is not rennes saint ><insinuates norse sell pentacost><transpose consent> copatrons / corposant contrapose insane tonne
1: unsaintliness, preselections, copatrons, corposant, capstone,
2: inornateness, antroscope, contrapose, insinuates, pentacost, tunisians, silences, tunisia,
3: coresidents, madness,
4: dissector, outsiders, reappraise, mandates, pipes,
5: Sulis (Celtic Goddess), coresident, necrosis, esoteric,
6: sullies, maenads,
7: reenlarged, angleterre, secretion, incloses, consents, copies, saiint, spleen,
8: coparents, reprimand, octanes, cronies, impend,
9: patroness, transpose, asepsis, scope,
10: tamperer, dampen,
11: pimander, deacons, gentler, mated, tamed,
12: regret, sells,
13: premieres, patrons, gentle, plans, rennes,
14: detours, prearms, pacts, spans,
15: storied,
16: gendarme, epiderm, primed, ascend, decans, dances,
17: argental, atop,
18: repasses, elegant, insane,
19: empires, premise, primes, teeter,
20: consent, operant, amends, respire,
21: -
22: passes, lessen, atom, caps,
23: -

unsaintLiness, preseLections, contrapose, inornateness, coresidents, insinuates, Pentacost, Tunisians, capstone, diSsector, outsiders, reappraise, silences, coparents, reenlarged, mandates, reprimand, Patroness, consent, copies, patron, cronies, madness, gentler, detours, ascend.

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