The Jesus Debacle
Trigger for World War.

In my book (available on Kindle) I present my evidence that Nostradamusí Prophecies is decodable; rather than it being the work of a charlatan focused on conning the gullible.

 In order to accomplish this difficult goal I bring together elements from his text and the papers accompanying their original publication that show there are recognizable themes that would justify his writing about events not due to happen for over 500 years.

 His main motivation appears to be his interest in the outcome of the religious ideal involving the resurrection of Christ.

 I began my research with great skepticism which I have never completely abandoned but what I uncovered is very difficult to explain within the modern scientific framework. Over time I have been compelled to turn my attention to the nature of time and chance to reconcile science with what seems impossible. Within Nostradamusí writings I find far too many many modern terms and ideas to discount out of hand his claim that he saw the future.

 But even if he saw the future it doesnít guarantee their validity. For instance if what he saw came from viewing films of our time then knowledge of ideas would be high but they may still be total fantasy.

 There are many known streams in his 16th century works that show high level of consistency with claims made by him. But there is also more incorporated into the work than meets the eye.

 And today his major themes are having increasing modern coverage regardless and independently of his work.

 His most prominent stream shows his interest in the ongoing religious controversy over Christís blood line and the modern scientific genetic basis that would see that controversy lead to a devastating war.

 And there is the flood, fire in the sky and comet themes which yield values of a modern disaster beyond that projected by scientists of our day.

 Their presence in the Prophecies seems unlikely by chance yet chance is all that is left if he didnít read the future. 


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