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An essay on the aliens already shaping man's destiny.

Allan Webber (B.Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin) - 2017

From observations of the stars and cosmic events scientists conclude the age of the universe is about 14 billion years. It is only in the minutest part of that history that the human species came into being.

With the arrival of humankind there was perhaps for the first time a species able to comprehend this universe of ours. This may not be true of the universe but on this planet Earth the evidence supports the claim. However this uniqueness breeds an arrogant belief in humans that evolution has made our species special.

This arrogance shows itself in various ways, one of which is the assumption that we are the pinnacle of evolution. There have been 13 billion years of evolution and evidence suggests the universe will last countless billions of years into the future. Evolution cannot and will not stop. It isn't a reasoning process but a mechanism that sees life advance into any available or newly-created niche. We have no valid reason to assume we are the pinnacle of evolution.

A second arrogance is that humankind can through selfish actions destroy the work of evolution. It is true that by our actions we might destroy the ability of our species to live on this planet but life is more robust than the majority of our kind realize. Further, it is beyond our ability to destroy either the universe or the process we call evolution. And the selfishness that is the means to our destruction is itself a part of the mechanism that saw humankind and every plant, animal or microbe come into being and leave a heritage.

Tardigrade water bearExisting evidence suggests life will survive the demise of humankind.

It is also true that life forms exist that have the ability to survive draconian changes to the environments of the planet Earth.

Microscopic tardigrades, also known as "water bears", are the toughest animals on the planet, capable of withstanding intense radiation, extreme temperatures, and even the vacuum of space. In a fascinating new study, researchers have shown that tardigrades are poised to survive literally anything that nature throws at them and that of the animals alive today, they will be the last ones standing before the Sun annihilates the Earth billions of years from now.

A third arrogance is that we have the peak of all the senses and abilities developed by evolution. Not only does this arrogance claim that we are the ultimate creation but it ignores that evolution has constantly caused beings to progress from existent states into a life form with enhanced sensory powers. And whenever it happens all previous species remain oblivious of what this new life form experiences. The history of evolution tells us our species will be superseded by many generations of beings having sensory powers beyond the range of all existing life on this planet.

The fourth arrogance is that humankind will take over the role of evolution and determine the species that takes over from us. Our quite extraordinary ability to master genes and engineer mechanical intelligence cannot be underestimated but the evolutionary process is based on fundamental elements that can't be controlled, the driving forces of survival, emotion, ambition. Yes, we can produce forms that can re-create, innovate and manufacture improved forms but without an eternal unreasoning drive it is probable that their strongest desire will be maintaining the status quo. At the heart of natural evolution is change brought about by exposure to brutal forces and it is this aspect not intellect, insight or power that ensures the randomness of what survives and thrives.

It is unlikely that humankind can anticipate the manner in which life will evolve beyond the capabilities of our species yet we are capable of understanding a small part of the potential options. And given the vast amount of time that remains before the evolution of the stars comes to an end then probably all these potentials will find a niche in future times. But there will also be a vast quantity of life forms that are beyond our capacity to dream.

And many of the potentials knowable to our kind are known to us through our observations of quirks in nature such as matter-space-time quantum effects and also non-human abilities seen in other species such as migration of birds using magnetic fields. My interest lies in anomalies of both types.

Another aspect of importance in determining future sensibilities lies in the manner humankind has tended to restrict the concept of evolution to the development of life. It is probable that the evolutionary process is a fundamental mechanism behind the development of all things physical, biological and conceptual. In respect to the last it should be apparent that human memory evolved out of increasing awareness as well as chemical interfaces for mass-space-time and that at some period in the history of the universe no such concepts were present, they came later, appearing seemingly out of a void.

Today matter-space-time quantum effects are not considered to be anomalies by those knowledgeable in the evidence from modern science but such acceptance came after the anomaly of broken continuity in atomic behavior became observable. In the last two centuries mankind was able to notice that electrons instantaneously jump from one location to another with corresponding instantaneous adjustments to energy levels of the atom.

Continuity was and still is a fundamental principle of modern science so such an occurrence was anomalous within the classical understanding that preceded quantum mechanics. The properties of this anomaly didn't go away, it's still there. But science has adjusted its understanding of reality so such behavior of the universe is now recognized as normal. And at the same time new laws of quantum mechanics have been drafted to accommodate evidence since observed. This process removes the anomaly since all such laws are required to be reconciled with the classical ancestry.

But from a scientists point of view we live in exciting time because new technological abilities allow humankind to observe the behavior of the universe in a manner not accessible to our ancestors. And new peculiarities keep emerging as we experiment meaning each event needs to find its place within the existing framework. For instance the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement is still to be accorded a coherent place in the mechanism of the universe even though it was being discussed as an issue of concern over 80 years ago.

In recent times the magazine MIT Technology review has described quantum entanglement as a "strange phenomenon" that occurs "when two quantum objects, such as photons, form at the same instant and point in space and so share the same existence." "In technical terms, they are described by the same wave function," it said.

Albert Einstein once (in the 1930's) called quantum entanglement "spooky action at a distance".

In the quantum realm there are many other occasions where quantum behavior challenges the older ideas on continuity including those relating to force fields. Together these events show that modern science is moving towards even newer ideas of the relationships between matter-energy and space-time.

And amongst these strange new observations an older set implies that the future may reach back to the past; beings of the future may well evolve powers that enable them to bridge time.

This older set relates to the class of events involving electro-magnetic waves. One of the biggest anomalies that challenged scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries was their speed which is constant in a vacuum. This was completely different to expectations based on observing motion of material objects in our universe. And it is still difficult to give a reason why the speed of light is a constant even in the updated framework of modern science.

However I believe it is possible to give a reason that fits to these older frames and it is quite simple; the propagation of light occurs within a realm interlinked to our universe. The propagation of photons then provides the constant space-time clock that delivers the concepts of both space and time.

There are strong reasons for believing this to be so. For example we know that light cannot be detected by humankind unless it acts with matter hence its motion can be eternal. We also know the fields associated with both matter and photons seem to change instantaneously when they interact. And my model suggest these can well be explained by emws being a complementary overlay to our universe created at the same-time as the mass-space-time realm. By such a mechanism it is possible to not only explain why light's speed is of a different form to that of moving objects in our universe but how expansion of the universe takes place. (See my paper on EMW space creation n for more).

Although it may seem this concept of an overlay outside of our understanding of time and space is totally new it isn't; humankind has forever accepted such realms. Two such realms are those of number and geometry. These realms have a common quality; they have no time dimension, they are in essence eternal and they have innate structural layers.

 They also are a crucial accessible source on which the universe constantly draws.

And of course modern science is increasingly moving towards a recognition of such a concept as it grapples with other anomalies such as Dark Energy and Dark Matter.
So, since evolution is likely to continue bringing life into all possible environments, then it is probable the future will bring into being aspects of space-time not accessible to our species.

And it is highly probable that communication based on principles using or paralleling quantum entanglement of photons will render communications via EMWs obsolete.
In June 2017  it was announced :

Chinese scientists have used a satellite to break distance record for distributing entangled photons
The experiment is the first time entangled photons have been generated in space
Because any change in one particle will be apparent in the other instantly, quantum entanglement has been considered a potentially powerful tool for sending secure information

And given the billions of years yet to come it is very likely that at some point a species will emerge that can interface events from a greater span of space-time than that available to our species. Humankind has abilities to bridge time and is reliant on the properties of memory to reach both past and future. Many life forms have benefitted from evolution by its building organs in living things that broaden their awareness beyond the stream of instants of their being. But evolution has also given rise to responsive structures allowing living things to anticipate future events on repetitive actions from the past with many living things having extraordinary reflexes that are activated by environmental stimuli. Future evolution will probably increase the current depth to which a species can reach into past and future.

But this simple idea of evolution enabling life forms to reach backwards and forwards in time has a logical consequence of importance to our species; it means that in some limited way future beings will inevitably be present in our time. They may or may not be able to affect aspects of our time but they will most likely be able to perceive its nuances in the same way that our species understands the fossil record..

So it is reasonable to assume we are already exposed to life forms that we cannot comprehend.

We may already be affected or perhaps infected with that which will happen but we are not alone since there are and have been things that like us are aware but cannot comprehend alternate or more advanced evolutionary products. Our species knows that other animals perform acts which are impossible for us to comprehend. And it is unlikely that any dog or cat, cow, microbe or ape will ever converse in a deep and meaningful manner with our kind.

So shedding the arrogance of our species about being the pinnacle of evolution means we can predict the future does hold species with far greater powers than we can ever dream. And we are part of them as they are part of us, an inevitable symbiosis uniting life across time. We are linked by continuities that pass a developing evolutionary program across the chains of all generations.

The future holds secrets man can never fully know - this is a truth like death that cannot be denied. Yet I believe we can be confident that some part of that future bestows ripples on our time by resonating with those powers living things possess today.

And important in gaining insight to what is likely to emerge we can look at what time means to individuals of our race.

For you time began when you were conceived and it ends when you die. Of course there is also external time of which you are also aware.

Time also began in a continuity within expanding space and it ends when this continuity cannot be maintained. But importantly you, like the universe, can be traced back to a singular time and space.

The process acting on the speck that frames the origin of every birth is ruled by laws hence we arise from the dynamics and the resonant bonds forming well defined bounds.
And all that exists draws its nature from the fractal patterns set by these bounds. We are, like everything else, formed from the natural mathematical and geometric designs that nature eternally accesses.

 You evolved from such seeds as the most recent link in a chain scattered at intervals along the overarching time system of our universe.
And fundamentally continuity through DNA has always been the element linking us to the seeds from which we came. And this is true even though the form of the substance at the time of origin exists no more.

Modern Ideas along the same line of thought.

The following article comes from the technology / science section in on Nov 19th 2016 titled 'Aliens could control mysteries like dark matter, says scientist'.

ALIEN life is behind the mysteries of the universe, according to a radical new theory.

Ancient non-human life forms morphed into the physical world and are the driving force behind mind-boggling quantum physics and phenomena like dark matter, according to a Columbia University astrophysicist.

The expert says our universe is the remains of intelligent alien life which controls all aspects of the physical world, from gravity to the speed of light.

My ideas are in line with this but go further and suggest that the concurrent presence of aliens in our lives is a result of evolution reaching a stage where beings are able to stretch their influence back through the ages.

Infinite SnakeMy primary premise is that no matter how long it takes ever enhanced sensory capabilities will be a likely outcome of the evolutionary chain.
Such beings will be more omnipresent than forms so far evolved but their ability to be created offers a rational basis for future seeing but limited influence on all previous aspects of evolution of the cosmos. It is the Ouroboros of ancient times, the serpent dragon that turns to eat its own tail.


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